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[Photo-Blog]~Love: Dawg-ie style!! ;)

The days were numbered. The contest was coming to an end. The mind had some ideas but since the search for models (male and female – human, of course) proved unsuccessful, I decided it was high time for some click-flick-bang-bang action with whatever I could lay my hands on. 😉

This was my entry to February 2010 Contest – Love – conducted by the Photography community at my office (on the internal blogs)!! – The title of the post was different and decent though!! 😛

Love is always not lovey-dovey…There are various stages a couple goes through….I’ve titled the pics, based on the stages which I could picturize with the pics I took!!
It is the pictures that I clicked first, and then thought about the different stages. So no confusion as to which came first (chicken or egg, likes! 😉 ). 😛

Consider that the guy in this story is a friend of mine. Lets say his name is Dalapathi Wanchuk Gunnu (in short and with love,  DAWG) and this is his story!!! 😛

1. Attraction: Dawg sees a gal (as usual 😛 ) standing close by…his eyes zoom in as she slowly zooms out of sight…he taps my shoulders, says he’s attracted to her…even makes the mistake of calling it love-at-first-sight. What the, sight!!

2. Interaction: Being kind enough, say I introduce her to Dawg. Dawg wanting some quality time to interact with her, signals me to get lost. I silently leave the place wondering (read: cursing 😛 ), if Dawg would have been a better policeman rather than an IT professional.

3. Seduction: Dawg seems to be a changed man nowadays. He wears the best of clothes, tucks his shirt, polishes his shoes and even gels his hair. Surprising of them all – not only does he apply (loads of) deodarant, but he takes a daily bath too. He only talks about her with me. She is like this, like that…she likes this, that…et al…I remember reading somewhere that “Barking Dawgs, Seldom Bite”…whatever it is, Dawg is a changed person.

4. Affection/Action: Dawg doesn’t tell me about what all happened in this stage. He’s such a Dawg. Hmmph!!


(Lap-top? 😉 )

Disclaimer: No Dawg’s were ridiculed or killed during the making of this post. Only a juicy tomato was sacrificed! 😉


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Jo main kehna chaau…

The last time I wrote a poem in my corporate blog, a colleague asked me if it was possible to write one where we express love without the use of lovey-dovey words like Pyaar, Ishq, Mohabbat, etc…
So this is my attempt at that… 😉

Main tumse kuch kehna chahta hoon jo…
Jaane kyun nahi keh paata hoon woh!
Kahu toh main kaise kahu…
Keh bina rahu toh bhi kaise rahu!

Jal rahi hey jo aag kab se…
Bayaan main kaise karu tumse?
Ladta hoon main jagadtha bhi hoon khud se…
Fariyaad bhi karu toh main karu kisse?

Ishaare diye maine ek nahi kahi…
Par tum toh koi ishaara samjhi hi nahi!
Phool bhi bheje maine izhaar karte karte…
Samajh na paayi tum toh, toot gaya main sehte sehte!

Chal pada hoon main anjaane raahon pe…
Manzil ke talaash mein, tere hi sahaare se!
Miloo main tumse, aur kaash mein keh paau,
Umeed hey ki tum samajhlo, jo main kehna chaau! 🙂

English Translation:

Whatever I wanted to convey to you…
I don’t know why I’m not able to!
How do I say, If I want to…
How do I stay, without telling to you!

The fire that is burning since long…
How do I express it to you?
I fight and I argue with myself…
Whom do I request, I do not know!

Signs I did give, not one but many…
But then you did not understand any!
I sent you flowers confessing it all…
But you didn’t cognize, and my stability did fall!

Now I am moving ahead, along unknown pathways…
In search of the destination, with you being my strength!
I desire to meet you, and I wish to be able to convey…
With hopes that you understand, all that I would say! 🙂


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Hungry?? As in… :P

When a child cries, the first and foremost thought that comes to a mother’s mind is that the child is hungry and that it needs to be fed. In most cases, yes thats the reason why a child cries…HUNGER, a nature’s call (ah! this is the other one) to satify an urge!! 😀
Now when I think of ‘Hunger’, I get various versions of it…call me sick, call me a pervert…call me anything you like, but I get these doubts in my subtle mind…
When someone says, “ohh…I am hungry”…I think, *Hungry for what??* 😉 😛


Well…let me categorize now to make things simple for myself! Here I go:

1) Hunger for food: This is the most natural and common one…every mortal feels this type of hunger, just like as I have mentioned in my initial stunt up above regarding a child crying being equated to the child being hungry. This hunger is independent of time. And ya, its natural. 😀

2) Hunger at the stroke: “I get hungry when the clock strikes 9pm”….Some people are used to eat dinner exactly at 9pm…and if by chance they happen to be somewhere else where food is the last thing available, they still feel hungry! As a matter of fact, they might have had something to eat at 8 30pm, but 9pm is dinner time and its their right to feel hungry, no matter what…so as you see, this hunger is very much dependant on time. I would say this is not a good one to nurture, as it could backfire. 🙂

3) Hunger for success: Yeah…no matter what they do and achieve in life, they are hungry for more….more money, more fame, more this, more that…this is a hunger which is insatiable. This hunger is everlasting for the ones who have it…totally a lifetime one! I would say, too much of this is too bad! Hmmm…

4) Hunger instead of thirst: This is a special type of customized hunger…They are actually thirsty but still I would say they are hungry…thirst can be satisfied by drinking water…but in this case…no, only soda and lemon mixed with ‘IT’ would satify…many are found lying on the roads, and on footpaths…after being, on the rocks…Too neat!! 😉

5) Hunger for lust: Ah! you would say, finally it cums! 😉 No actually, some (??) do have this one too…believe me or not…there needs to be no proper code of conduct for these guys who are taken over by this type of hunger…they don’t seem to think where they are, what time it is, who is watching, as well as sometimes who they are with…they simply go shoosh whoosh bang..! 😀

So my friends, its not my fault that I take time to think and conclude as to which one it is, when someone says they are hungry! :mrgreen:

Well…I am hungry now…for food of course…dinner is waiting, so till next time….go hungry!! 😉


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