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[MEME]~ABCs of my LIFE!! :)

Meme’s have always been a creative way to get things out of people which otherwise would never be shared! And that’s just what happened with this one. I wouldn’t have shared some of these but for this meme. You don’t feel like uttering lies in such tags, for meme’s are like genes…so wouldn’t want the bluffs to get genetic you see!! 😉

Megs tagged me on this meme called the ABCs of Life – HERE – and I’m keeping my end of the tag! 🙂

Here I go:

A – Age: is on my side!
B – Books: just done with ‘Mafia Queens of Mumbai’!
C – Current crush: was, is and will always be Madhuri Dixit!!!
D – Dance form: fav is Shakira’s belly wobbling! 😉
E – Essential start your day item: 3 glasses of water (room temp)!
F – Favorite color: black, red, orange, pink – in that order!
G – Gold or Silver: Gold
H – Height: 5’11”
I – I am: what I can be!
J – Job: A coder, but mostly bugs!
K – Kids: I’m no Michael! but yes, love them!
L – Latest Addiction: Weeds – its a television series! 😉
M – Memorable Moment: The first promotion in mid 2008, as it came in at the right time. The market went into recession after that for 2 long years. The recent memorable moment would be my marriage!
N – Nicknames: Shimmu, Sree, S3, Duffer!
O – Overnight hospital stay other than birth: Nah!
P – Pet Peeve: People who remember you only when they need to get their chores done!
Q – Quote from a movie: “Hum ek paiyr past aur doosra future mein rakh-ke present pe mooth-te hain” – from Rang De Basanti
R – Right or left handed: Right!
T – Time you wake up: 6.25am
U – Ugliness meter: No one is perfect!
V – Vegetable you dislike: None!
W – Ways you run late: when someone has to tag along, flat tyres!
X – X-rays you’ve had: Latest one is of the right lower molar tooth – had to go for a root canal treatment, finally!
Y – Yummy food you make: I try out anything/everything – wife rates it ok, good and yummy – mostly yummy, so far!!
Z – Zzzzz times – between 11pm and 1am!

Passing on the baton, I would like to tag – Tiku, Anu and Sound – Yeah, it feels like am running a 4*100 relay! 😉


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[Parody]~Kaanda ki Man-maani (A ‘Sheela ki Jawaani’ Parody!)! ;)

The onion rates seems to be going down, but not this meme fever! 😛
The latest craze in Hindi music off late has been Sheela…here’s my take on pyaaza take on “Sheela ki Jawaani“! 😉 Previous “Pyaaz”ody on “Animal Song” (Savage Garden) can be checked out HERE! 🙂

I know you want me
But you never gonna get me
Tere thaili main na aani
Khaana na khaaye saari duniya
Har sabzi, mere tann ki hai deewani

Hey hey,
I know you want me but you never gonna get me
Tere thaili main na aani
Khaana na khaaye saari duniya
Har sabzi, mere tann ki hai deewani
Ab dil karta hai haule haule se
Main toh khud ka rate chadhau
Kisi aur ki mujhko zaroorat kya
Main toh khud hi pricey jataun

what’s my name
what’s my name
what’s my name
My name is Kaanda
Kaanda ki man-maani
I’m just pricey for you
Main tere thaile na aani
Na na na kaanda
Kaanda ki man-maani
I’m just pricey for you
Main tere thaile na aani

Khaaye toh aise tarse humko
Naa khaaye sober se re
Sookhey tel (oil) pe megapan ke teri figuriya barse re
I know you want me but you never gonna get me
Tere thaile main na aani
Kaanda ki man-maani
I’m just pricey for you
Main tere thaile na aani
Na na na Kaanda
Kaanda ki man-maani
I’m just pricey for you
Main tere thaile na aani

Ab dil karta hai haule haule se
Main toh khud ka rate chadhau
Kisi aur ki mujhko zaroorat kya
Main toh khud hi pricey jataun

What’s my name
What’s my name
What’s my name

My name is Kaanda
Kaanda ki man-maani
I’m just pricey for you
Main tere thaile na aani
O no no kaanda
Kaanda ki man-maani
I’m just pricey for you
Main tere thaile na aani
Kaanda ki man-maani
I’m just pricey for you
Main tere thaile na aani

Ain’t nobody gotta taste a kaanda
Everybody want to taste a kaanda
Drives me crazy coz my name is kaanda
Ain’t nobody gotta taste a kaanda
Everybody want to taste a kaanda
Drives me crazy coz my name is kaanda
Ain’t nobody gotta taste a kaanda


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A-Zee~An Ode to Women!! :)

It is tough to miss contributing in a meme but it’s irresistable when the meme is about a “miss” (in this case, even the “missus” – the women as a whole! 😛 ).
So I picked up the meme left open by Megs in our internal blogs…and boy was I glad to see a lot many people…both women, and those who follow women (on blogs 😛 ) write on this topic – As far as this meme goes – Happy Women’s Week, let me say! 😛

Thanks to Megs, for kick starting this awesome meme A-Zee ~Womanhood…an ode to women

My take: It’s got some Hindi and Turkish (I think Yelek is one) words too, but the English that follows explains them neat! 😀

A – Affectionate…she loves you more than you ever can love yourself.
B – Bindaas…she lives her life care-free.
C – Charismatic…she carries herself beautifully.
D – Demanding…she can get tough on life, and by default on men! 😉
E – Elegant…elegance happens to be her birthright!
F – Fighter…she gets what she wants…you oppose, you bite the dust! 😀
G – Gossips…she likes to talk into the ears…
H – Hatke…she’s different…no two are of the same type.
I – Intelligent…she’s smart and talented…she shows it off or not.
J – Jovial…she’s fun loving and laughs at your jokes, however sad they are.
K – Kalon…beauty that is more than skin deep…beauty is in her eyes.
L – Lajawaab…she is super…in all that she does.
M – Moody…she has her own seasons…hot, warm, cold and biting!
N – Nagging…she likes to trouble you.. 😉
O – Outgoing…she likes her freedom…
P – Pink…she wears it on…also “goes pink” sometimes… 😛
Q – Questionnaire…she’s tough to answer, when in cold/biting mood…
R – Rapchik…she’s like you…equal.
S – Sensual…she’s sexy, saucy, hot and what not…
T – Tears…she cries…openly…likes to vent out…
U – Understanding…she gives in her best, to get to know and love/hate you.
V – Vocal…she is very expressive…can sweet-talk you as well as banish you…
W – Winner…she’s a go-getter, loves to beat the crap out of her opponent (read: men)
X – X-treme…she can go to any extremity to see to it that she and her loved ones are doing good.
Y – Yelek…she’s crazy about clothes, jewellery and other accessories…
Z – Zinda…she is very lively and full of life, a livewire…in short, she’s a WOMAN! 🙂

Rules to the Meme:

– List A-Z qualities of Women in your blog
– NO QUALITIES should be repeated
– Tag the Meme with Womens-Day-2010
– You could tag people for the meme or leave it open

I’m keeping the meme open here till next sunday if anyone wants to pick up…As for guys, I feel this is as tough as picking up a woman! 😉


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Untitled – Why should all poems be titled?? This poem does not conform to usual standards…!!

The below six stanzas of poetry(???), I had scribbled in my cell phone editor mostly while travelling on train between Chennai and Bangalore in maybe 6-8 or more different journeys. Not knowing when, how and why to post it, I had just let it be in my cell phone drafts. And then two days back Megs (I call her Tigrrrrrrrrrr 😛 ) tagged me to a meme where it was required to post abstract poetry…each para not necessarily having any relation with each other. Wow!! Yay!! 🙂
That helped me give life to my otherwise caged-in-the-cell-phone, set of 24 lines…!! 😉 Thanks to Tigrrrrr, here I release those lines in your verandah of a mind.  

Btw, I’d like to thank all my readers and commenters for visiting this blog and encouraging me to carry on. I’m happy to convey that due to each of your constant visits, comments and support, the ranking of this blog has jumped 8 places up to #74!! 🙂 Three cheers to all of you and heartfelt thanks once again!! 🙂


I was falling apart…
Barely breathing with a broken heart….
It was you who took me in…
Is this a sign, for a life to begin…?

Life’s all about give and take…
There are lots of promises that we make…
We get to see happiness and pain, together somehow…
As once in life atleast, we are sure to fall in love…

In my sleep, well past midnight I saw her in my dream…
There we were choosing, the flavour of icecream….
I chose butterscotch while she ordered chocolate…
I had this feeling that she was just the perfect date!

All that binds us to one another is love…
Through thick and thin, every then and now…
To make it work, we undergo a lots of emotions…
It does pain, a lot when it ends in chaotic commotions…

Why don’t we get all that we ever dream?
Frustrated and unhappy, in whisper we scream…
Though we have eachother to offer our shoulders…
Yet why do even minor hurdles seem to us like mighty boulders..

You shine like a diamond in the sky…
Can I just hold you, close by?
With you by my side, time just does fly…
Stay forever beside me or just let me die…


Whoever is interested can take up this meme…But I’ll be tagging Amrita, Nayna and Raji.

Simple rules to this meme:

>The TITLE of the post should be the same as above!!!
> The tags should include poem-with-no-title 
> The poem should preferably be just random thoughts and abstract-ish


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[Photo-post]~The Year That Is!! :)

This was a meme an open note at my corporate blogosphere…and I happened to pick it up!! 🙂
About meme’s…well…they are just wonderful…where people write about the same topic but end up presenting different perspectives…sometimes unbelievably enlightening minds…
This meme is all about the year thats going to end…through write-ups, poetry, photography…through any piece of creative thinking! 🙂

The year changed…leaving behind memories…life moved on…pulling itself along the rough sands of time…me…

Along the way…came recession, et. al…faced them all…taking them all light, yet right…just…

Sometimes left alone…it was the time to gather thoughts…make amends….stand up once again…tall…

Anticipations…expectations…crush…love…crash…fall…take us towards the end of it all….twilight…

And then came hope…there’s always hope…in moving again…a new beginning…new learning…another year…forward…

Have a great December and a year end!!  😀


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The Quarter of my life!! ;)

I am currently suffering from a disease which is preventing me from frequently updating this space!
Its called writer’s block….No cure has been found yet…so I trying to complete some age old deliverables! 🙂
Long back, Amrita had tagged me with this meme…so here I am! 😀

The rules –
Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged!


Here I go….

1. I have since long had this plan of going to jog early in the morning but I am told 8 am isn’t early enough.

2. I am a cleanliness freak…Wore one pair of jeans every single day, the whole of 3 semesters without washing. Yes, I freak out when it comes to cleanliness.

3. The tuffrey at the backgate of my college was the very place we visited atleast once the previous night before a board paper…for a chai…I don’t smoke…I guess, thats the very reason why we cleared all papers at first go.

4. Instrumentation & Electronics (I&E) was the stream I chose ignoring the Comp Sci seat available…When it came to campus placement, the I&E companies never came and I landed in the Software industry…was that fate?

5. The first gal I had a crush on was only 6 yrs old. So was I.

6. Had a major crush on my science teacher. Didn’t see her after school. A friend said she looks all wrinkled now…so am thinking if I should go see her or let her be like she is in my mind? What say?

7. I love speed…and I have no control over it when I drive…I have touched the 100km/hr mark on my Activa’s odometer…but dunno why am not able to break it!! Is 100 the limit??

8. And ya…I do not sing songs when I drive….I have this habit of closing my eyes as I sing…hmmmm…

9. Strumming the guitar seemed easy and that made me join the classes…As of now, am mere noise and less music!

10. This women’s day, I wrote a small poem and sent it as an online card to 50 women across the world…some known and some unknown….and I got 50 thank you notes! You can check that card HERE! 🙂

11. I love beaches…Almost every alternate weekend I go there…Love the feel of sand on my bare feet!

12. All my friends (almost) have touched foreign soil atleast once so far in life…be it for studies or for work. Though I am attached to India, I dont want my passport to die a Virgin! Let her also see the world! 😉

13. The numbers 1 and 3 are my lucky ones…The number 13 is not a lucky number for me either mainly cos I think it constitutes of 1 and 3. Friday the 13th – is even better…I have had the best of them this February and March!!

14. Speaking again of numbers, I am Konkani speaking guy and 7 is considered lucky for us…why? I have no clue…but my luck doesn’t extend beyond 3!

15. My birthday is fast approaching….and I hate that am getting older on paper….I booked a ticket yesterday to Bangalore for 30th April, with my current age…a feel good factor for that day! yay!! 🙂

16. I wanted to be a doctor and fight illness…As a S/w engg I am debugging codes…are they the same in a different way?

17. I get along very well with women…especially if they are committed/engaged/married/old/dead! The rest come and go or belong to the categories I get along with! Aila…

18.  Tension or not, I bite my nails…I dont eat them as I dont like dead fossil.

19. I love dark coffee and chocolates…the bitter taste rekindles my mind.

20. I get up before the alarm rings…I wonder if the alarm clock is there to wake me up or if I am there to put it to sleep???!!!

21. I love Keira Knightley and Cobie Smulders…they have something in their eyes, which pricks me!!

22. Books is something is which I miss reading these days…I sleep off the moment I am done with 2-3 pages…however interesting the book is, and thats dangerous!! I need to stop reading those 2-3 pages till that time!

23. I was a sentimental person for a major part of my small tennure in life….Now no more senti…just mental!

24. It’s been years since I have played volleyball and football…and about 3 yrs since I played cricket…its only Table tennis these days!! With age, the balls do shrink!

25. I complete a year in blogging externally, this month…its been so kind of all you guys to keep me going on! You commenters and readers are the real motivators! Its been nice knowing you all so far!! You are THE best!! 😀

I dont know 25 ppl to tag…so I will tag a few and leave the rest open….

1) ISD (You are my saviour each time when it comes to tags! :P)
2) Dishit (Dude…here we go…. :D)
3) Nayna (I dont remember you doing any tags…so here I pass one on to you! 🙂


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