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[How not to]~Smile at your wedding!! ;)

There are certain places where and events when we got to put in that extra effort in whatever we ought to do. For instance, smiling at a wedding…especially when it’s your own wedding! 😛

Smiling, they say is infectious. When you smile, do so wholeheartedly!

To all those who are unmarried as yet, here’s a piece of advice from the author’s very own experience:
When you stand on the stage posing for the innumerous photographs being clicked by those fancy flashing instruments, that’s the very moment you need to gain composure, maintain focus and smile…neat and nice!

Note to the bridegroom: You need to smile at your very best dude…as once you get down that stage that day, it’s your new wife who does all the smiling! 😉

Note to the bride: Incase your new hubby is not smiling on stage, read and remind the above note to him. :mrgreen:

Now why do we end up giving weird expressions, when all that we are expected to do is give a lovely smile, however fake that it is?!!! Well, there could be reasons like:
a) we are tired of smiling continously.
b) we are bored of it.
c) ok we accept that we are plain and simply lazy.

Or there could be actual reasons like:
i) we don’t know the people who are standing next to us in the group photograph.
ii) we need to save energy for certain activities later 😉
iii) our jaws are paining.

Anyway, when you are on stage…
1) Do not, I repeat DO NOT smile with your eyes closed. You won’t know how much your friends could pull you on seeing that picture at a later stage.

2) Do not smile with your mouth open…it’s technically not smiling at all.

3) Do not smile clenching your teeth…might expose your animal instincts!! 😉

4) Do not smile so weird that it seems you’ve already given up. In short, don’t smile like a loser!

5) Agreed that it’s your big day and that you might be looking stunning, but don’t look stunned. 😀

But then at the end of the day, as I said in the note to the bridegroom above: Only one smiles/laughs at the end of it all. 😛

Anyway…I know that, how much ever we prepare for the big day…we always end up with at least one weird picture of ours on stage, which we would want to change till our very last breath!! 😉 Some things are always out of our control!! 😀


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[Poetry]~Passing the Apron! ;)

I didn’t think about the dinner at night…
When I fell in love with her at first sight…

I did what-not like look into her eyes…
Not thinking once, if she could cook some rice…

We were then married, all set for life…
“Can you chop these?” she asked, handing over a knife…

With onions in hand, I said “Sure…not a big deal!”…
So this is how I cried, as she cooked our first meal….

Meals ready, she asked “So…how’s the food…”…
Also giving me options, “…tell me darling…good or very good?”…

With a morsel of food in mouth, I said “Hmm…wELL…”
And looked at her smiling, as I silently let the moment dwell…

She smiled back as she understood that stupid look on my face…
“Why don’t you cook henceforth?” she grinned, enrolling me in the race…

I still wonder, as to who thinks about kitchen delights…
As they continue to fall in love at first sights! 😉


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Titbits! ;)

Let me talk some sense before I go ga-ga: Happy 59th Indian Republic Day! Its not just a holiday! Mind it! 🙂

Now back to nonsense! 🙂


Titbits – I am wondering if this is actually a single word, or…you know….

Had been to Saarang (IIT Madras fest) yesterday – read this in their Newsletter about the JAMing session that went on – “Women are like Kentucky Fried Chicken…when you are done with the breasts and the thigh, you are left with a greasy box to put the bone in!”

Celina Jetley – you know her? – sheesh – ok well…it seems she’s single and ready to mingle…any takers?
If (yes, if and only if) you look at her face and the make up it carries, I bet you would run away – else you’d blog about how it went! 😉

“All Men are Bastards”…is a world famously acknowledged quote, atleast in India!!
I’ve seen women go “Oh yeah…they are indeed”….and then a little later, they just go “Oh yeah…Oh yeah”!
Fact of life you see! 😛
On the other hand, Men nod their heads not knowing what else to B! They know at least one woman will like them that way! 😀

Rahul Gandhi I heard is in no urgency to give up the most eligible bachelor’s tag. I’ll wait for only a few more yrs, Mr. Gandhi…else I’ll wait to see another bachelor PM! 😆

Osho had this opinion – about ‘the-four-letter-word’ – that it was the most beautiful word in English…and that it clears the throat if said loudly, early in the morning! I’m saying this as its just a Fact U Can Know! :mrgreen:

Got to know from a colleague that women in the US are complaining about – ‘Just 6 women being in the 21 member strong cabinet/team of President Obama!’!!! Just 28 odd percentage! Obama needs to know how to please women on a whole…and not just Michelle!
BTW…I have no doubt that our Mayawati, Mamta di and Sonia ji are the force behind this campaign! Soon we would be seeing a “33% reservation for women bill” proposed in the US parliament! 😀

I love women…they are the innovators (and ok, creators too)…they are upto some innovation or the other giving me hopes of a new business in future! How?
Well…2 of my juniors (guys) in college have got married…Now they are calling me up to get some marital advice! (yeah from me…of all ppl…are they nuts? :D)!!
The first thing that flashed to mind – Let me start a consultation firm! And second – How much do I charge them for such unasked consultation?
First and free advice I give to all unmarried males – Never marry before your senior in college (whom you are close to) does! Else he’ll charge you (pun intended)! 😛


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No, Rare-view mirrors don’t lie…

Ever wondered about the lack of topic to post on your blog? I have…but not in the recent past…the happenings around provide me a variety of topics to not just talk and think about but also to write on…

Coming back to what I wanna say (I know I haven’t started it yet but then I thought it would need a build up with this liner! ;)), its just that I am seeing the world (by that I mean the men and women around us) change right in front of my eyes!!
Today since it was a holiday (Happy ‘Pongal’ to all those who are in celebration mood!), when I went out I found the roads empty…all cars neatly parked and not much of public transport either…I could see a long clean way down the road…and in that quest, far across the distance I could see her walking away from me…left-right-left-right (yes, her feet)…
Now she looked great from behind (ok…they all do)…with a neatly tied pony tail…and in a long skirt that looked to me like the one she would wear at home…as it was a tad too old to be worn outside…but I think she wore it out to get some vegetables or milk or something (I doubt she got any, cos the shops were all closed…)…I was on my two wheeler…so thought of driving past her and check out if my rear view mirror indeed brought “her nearer than she actually was”…I normally don’t do such things/acts, since its tough to see through the rear view mirror and all that!! 😉 But then I did it cos the roads were all empty with no traffic and hence I sensed this act to be of lesser risk!
As I passed her…I checked the rear view mirror to get stock of the situation…but instead I got the shock of this generation! The one I saw in the rear view mirror happened to be a God-damned ‘HE’ (No, NOT the Almighty)…a male with a “cute” pony tail and a loooong skirt….jees….I went ahead, took a U-turn…and No, Rare-view mirrors don’t lie…


Now what has the world come up to….

Centuries (ok…years…happy? :D) ago:

1) Women maintained long hairs…the pony tails, the plaited knots…
2) Women wore long shirts…
3) Women cooked…
4) Women stayed at home to look after the kids…
5) Ya it were women who beared those kids…

And now:

1) Men sport long hairs…have pony tails…havent seen a plaited knot on a man’s head…yet!
2) Men wear long skirts (saw today…phew….and was surprised to see many such freaks on the net while searching for a pic)!
3) Men cook….I do too, for survival… 😀
4) Men will soon stay back at home to look after kids and pay bills on weekdays (when the above can happen, this will!) 😀
5) Men can bear kids too…one man has done it already so far to prove my point! 😉

And in future:

1) Men in touch-the-butt-long plaited hair…
2) Men in Sarees, Salwaars…Any takers? I am not talking about the inner-wear…cos that would make me talk about the Chinese men who love to wear bras! I don’t wanna get there…
3) Men would move to their wife’s house post marriage and may even change their names (this happens in India)!
4) Men even wear their trousers/jeans low enough for the display of their Jockey/VIP/ brand tags!
5) Men may do things which I am not even able to think of now…don’t underestimate men… 😛

On the other hand…these days…

1) Women do sport short hair…
2) Women wear men clothes….the shirts, the trousers, the rest…
3) Women prefer men to cook (most if not all)…
4) Women like to lead or walk together in a corporate environment… (good!)
5) Women think twice about bearing kids (its a fact with working ones…) at the right age!

May be I can check on this post in another decade to reflect on major changes in our generation!


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