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[Year 2010]~For an end…to a new beginning! :)

I’m not a good writer. I cannot write farewell notes. How much ever I try to, I fail. Yet I try again, and keep trying. Ever since I’ve known, I love to scribble. To me, pen is actually mightier than the sword – especially the ink-pen. 

Long before blogs provided a steady platform to write down my thoughts on, there were those newspapers, notepads and even currency-notes to encourage the urge that used to take over when armed with a pen in hand.

As years pass by, we are supposedly expected to grow up and even. I happened to grow odd.

As a teen, the fresh early morning newspapers had to be scribbled upon. Dad tried his best to put an end to it all by screaming, yelling and maybe by even performing a homely lathi-charge only to have finally made me understand that the max I could do was scribble my name on it, just once. I did just that- but on every page, and loved the sunday edition that contained the maximum no. of pages.

Currency notes came handy when I was considered grown-up to handle those on my own. I’m still waiting for the notes of Rs.10 denominations with scribblings such as “What will be our worth, when we next meet?” and “003: The name is Ram, SreeRam” to hit back at me! 

With maturity creeping in, neighbors walls (I didn’t risk doing it on our wall) and classmates’ backs were decorated.

Engineering exams were loved for they like now, had no limitations on the additional answer sheets being provided. I wrote answers; the ones I knew and the ones I had no clue about, with the passion that knew no difference. 

At office, I love the whiteboard at my cubicle. But mostly I keep it clean to curtain my insanity. 😉 However, the endless supply of “waste” (printed one side) papers that I get is enough to satiate my scribble-urge.

At home, there’s the online wall on Facebook. The best thing about it is that there are people whom we know as friends, who happen to read the scribbled thought and like/respond as well. They have no option but to ‘like’ it or keep quiet and click on. 

With 3 being my lucky number, 2010 was assumed to be MY YEAR and I guess the thought process worked overtime to make that happen – the very essence of “The Secret” – the year fine-tuned itself beautifully in my favor. However I didn’t ask for anything more than what I thought I deserved and I cribbled considerably less too. When it came to scribbling around, the year was no different but I feel that my writings channelized around ONE thing in the last two quarters.  Direction-less imaginations gave way to factual happenings, the result of which the journey down the poetic lane was taken less than the usual.

As for my scribbles over here, I’ve to thank my commenters & readers –  Yes, each and every one of you – for sticking by me encouraging throughout, we know one another or not. THANK YOU.  Any feedback/suggestion – say it loud in the comment section!! 🙂

2011 is round the corner and I’d assume 4 to be my lucky number this time around. It’s the thought that matters.
Do give ‘the secret’ within you a WILD CHANCE and be surprised. The least you can do is think of 4 as your lucky number, and thereby make 2011 all yours. So CHEERS, to a new beginning. 🙂

As for me – I’m not a good writer, for I cannot write farewell notes. Hmm…


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News…in and around this mind!

What’s come with the dawn of this New year? Nothing seems to be working the right way around here…nothing wrong so far on the personal front (oh there’s one! ya ya…ek hey)…but the over-all situation is so messy!

All of you must be knowing about the Satyam fiasco…as they say its common knowledge now!
I am in awe of that Raju dude…How could he cover up such a thingy for such a long time?? Man!! I can’t hide a thing, thanks to my blabbering mind and open mouth (or is it the other way round? :P)!!
Waise, on the serious note I would like Satyam to fight back from the dust. I even bought some shares off the sensex!! Anyways this long term investor in me is nowhere near the ‘Go Green’ campaign as far as Sensex is concerned. So as of now, loss added to loss is profit! 😉


Infosys was one company I adored for their values, ethics and other things like the backgrounds of thier management team,  for providing employment to almost a lakh of people, et al…but they disappointed me yesterday when they issued a statement stating that they wouldn’t like to hire any of the Satyam Staffers…
Wonder why the employees in the lower pyramid bear the brunt for what the people in power at the top did? I bet Infosys wouldn’t mind taking the deals (from clients) which Satyam had served so far…
You see the drift and all that?

Though Indo-Pak have cut all sporting ties for the time being, the blame game seems to still rule the roost! I think we need to place a converter (Electronic pundits know what I mean) between these 2 countries whenever dialogues and bhashans are delivered against between them…only then will they get to hear what they wanna hear! 😀

Now for that “ek hey” personal one…
I have a new roommate…he shares the rent unlike Jerry, but thats exactly where all the likeness ends. We had been searching for a roomy since 2-3 months and finally this guy called in. He was about 7-9 years our senior and works in the same organization as I do. No, he being senior doesnt matter to us, else we wouldn’t have let him in…in the first place. What irks us is his trying to be young, cool and all that. “An ambassador no matter you install a ferrari engine, is still an ambassdor to us“. Now this ambassador of ours shakes his head to whatever we hear as music…thats fine…but he expects us to shake our head when he watches Ramayan and Mahabharat on TV (I hate that NDTV good times channel for showing Mythologies whenever he wants them)!! The worst thing is that…he smiles everytime you look at him and you are expected to return the compliments. Sigh…my face muscles are no more flexible without sensing pain!! I can write a book on him, but I bet you got the gist!
Pray for me! Else you would get to see Mythological posts here!! 😉

There was some good news to cheer up for the filmi folks…Ghajini garnered 200 crores profit in 2 weeks…man! Even the original (Momento) and the Indian Original (in Tamil) didn’t get to do that much moolah I guess…Hats of the star value of Aamir Khan and the Marketting team!! 🙂
If you ask me, the Tamil version was better and Momento was even better…after-all the essence lies in the original. But who will ask me? The money talks after all…so be it! Sigh!!

We as humans have so many unsolved problems ourselves…but we do like to take up other inhumane challenges too! Why else would we worry about if or not the comic character TinTin is Gay or at bay?? He was first pulled into the racist controversy but let off cause they just couldnt get hold of him for detention! And now into this….but the thing is, he feels no pain! Thats the best part of being a comic character I guess!! 😛
So to all the animated morons out there, back off and LET HIM BE WHATEVER HE WANTS TO BE! Hmmph!!

There are some more things on the mind which I wanna share here…but I feel that a lengthy post is after-all not so healthy dost!! 😉


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Happy New Year! :)

Its like some kind of tradition or whatever, that come end of the year and every third person inevitably ends up asking “So what’s your resolution for the coming New Year?”…I smile at them saying “I am yet to think of it, but anyways we don’t follow or go by it do we?” 😀 Sometimes I think “Resolutions” are the ‘last few lies one tells’ at the end of a year! 😉


So then as the New year is soon approaching, I thought as to well why not see what my resolutions could be…whether I follow it or not! So here are the things that are on the mind…whether thoughts turn into actions or not, the New Year will be the arena to witness!

The ones which are in my hands:
1) To stop sleeping long hours….say, yell at the alarm and get up at 6am.
2) Reduce weight, especially the fat thats built up at untoward places…say go early morning jogs (what else would I do getting up at 6am? :P)
3) Be active in helping out an NGO….talks are on, to gather a corporate support in this regard! 🙂
4) Start writing a diary (a dear friend has already gifted me with a lovely diary…so why not?)…and may be a book too (got a few friends who support this cause!)! 😀
5) To dream about becoming an enterprenaur, definitely not in the IT field. Hotel Management may be!

The ones which aren’t under my control:
1) To mediate a negotiation between my scalp and the hairs they hold. They need to come to an understanding and stick/stay together/attached. Else I may end up clean!
2) Get out of the current project, mainly cos am bored…its been 15 months already into this. Sheesh!
3) With respect to the BSE (Bombay Stock exchange), go green…if you know what I mean! 🙂
4) To get back to Bangalore, while staying put at the same job. Being at home would make this jack, a little more happier.
5) To live life in the most sensible and organized manner! 😛

Phew…very few ones in the mind, I know..but lemme first get a few of these few right! 😉

Have a great and wonderful new year to come….Happy New Year buddies! Have a blast!! Catchya then! 🙂


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