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[Bakwaas]~A Rakhi on TV is better than on hand or around you!! ;)

What I have learnt recently is that, ‘being a bachelor and staying away from flirting is very similar to sitting comfortably on a steel plate kept on a lit stove‘.
But as you all know, I’m strictly vegetarian if flirting is considered non-vegetarian in nature! Hmm…

Anyways…what happened was…last night I was sitting in my drawing room watching television. There was no power, so I was just watching my reflection in it. My housemates were not yet home and the dwarfed piece of candle burning over the television set was my only companion. As I was manufacturing different shapes of shadows on the wall, there was a knock on the door. Expecting my housemates, I opened the door. For a moment, I was shocked to see the “figure” standing on the other side of the door. And by the time I recovered, we were on the same side. And I tried my best not to collapse, cos I didn’t want to fall into ‘those’ hands! πŸ˜‰ As I was about to open my mouth, I heard a man-ly voice speak…

“Jee-Jussss…what the happened to you ji? Eeeesh the everything alright?”…
My mouth went dry…I didn’t expect this item lady to be at my place…What was she here for?
“Yes yes…am ok…who are you?”
“Haaaaaayeeeeeeeeee Jeeeee-Jusssssssss…don’t the you know me?”
“Err…do you know me?”
“Don’t the joke re…don’t the joke…ofcourse re baba, I know the you…now bolo, you know the me na? I’m the Rakhi re, the Rakhi Sawant…world famous on telebijon”.
“Hmm…it’s dark na…pehchaan nahi paaya…didn’t recognize”.
“Koi baat nahi re, chikne…no the problem, no”.
“Hmmm…what are you here for?”
“I don’t the beat around bush…coming straight to the matter ji…”
“Me the heard ki you are the most legitimate bachelor who talks aloud about being the bachelor…”
“Err…what? who legitimate? me? you mean eligible?”
“Haan wahi..shame to shame…and me come with a proposal…Will you…”
“Wait…will you…will you what?”
“Will you…tell the bechari me, the secret for staying single?”
Oink! iski toh…
“Err…no such secret…its just pure luck…bad wala…”
“Jeee-Jusss…I think time for me to be religious….luck shuck, not mera chai cup”
That will save a lot of us…
“Achcha ji chalo…pose you give, for the camera…bolo the cheeeeeejjjjj”

What the…

Note: Bad quality of the pic, is due to the absence of light…and my good luck! πŸ˜›

Disclaimer: This is just for timepass and harmless (p)fun…Rakhi Sawant, if you reads this – don’t forget to comment. πŸ™‚


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[SMS Learnings]: Short texts, Falling terribly short of Learnings!! ;)

This is a very serious post. If you feel like laughing, smiling or even giggling do it right now and please control your urge (to laugh/smile/giggle that is) once you start reading past –> THIS.

Recently I was speaking..nah, actually I was text-ing a friend about all the things in the world when I found something she said to be very romantic (now I know you are thinking, ‘he talks only about such things’ and laugh…but pls, don’t do it!!!). She would have talked something about the hissing sound that snake makes when we pinch its behind, but I replied with a “Uff…so romantic”!! πŸ™„

After a dead silence of about 2 mins, my cell phone beeped again. It was her reply saying “Waz romantic abt tat? Temme 1 thing which u’ll not find romantic!! :x”…her anger expressing reply burnt my fingers much more than concentrated sulphuric acid would probably have. Immediately I put on my thinking hat. πŸ˜€

Yes I need to put on my thinking hat, else there’s no possibility of a thinking and me (don’t laugh at facts, pls don’t do it!!!). If you ask me how and why, you probably don’t know the real me (not that a virtual me is any better!!!). Anyways…putting on my thinking hat, I thought for a while about the things that were not so romantic. There were no results coming from the hat. Absolutely nothing, was not romantic. Not wasting any further time, I replied “Well…there’s nothing not so romantic. Romance is in everything. It’s not what it is, but it’s how you feel it is! :)” (Yes, I write unadulterated English in my text messages…don’t laugh!!!).

And then there was no reply for a while. As I thought:
– Maybe she’s thinking deeply about what I just sent her.
– Maybe she’s confirming with her friends about it.
– Maybe she found all that I said, to be romantic,
my cell beeped again.

When I read the reply, it so seemed that I wasn’t thinking on the same lines as she was. She replied with a “R u alrite? Waz wit dis phlsphy? Hw cn thr b romance in everythin? Do u say d same thin 2 al d gals? No wondr ne singleton seldom tlks 2 u after a while. Is tht some kinda pick-up line? OMG…WT* made u thnk thr’s romance in everythin? Go eat somethin n zzzz.”
And over the years, I have come to understand that when a gal talks or texts or even signals you (if in person, through her lovely eyes) in such a tone – it’s better not to say anything more, but agree with her. But then some people never learn, do they? πŸ˜›

One out of those few careless people, is right here authoring this very post. I should have replied “Errr…ok…let me explain it to you some other time. For now, goodnight and sleep well πŸ™‚ ” but hell no!!!! I replied with a “Dinner is cooking…so it will take time for me to go eat and sleep. Why do you think this is philosophy? Not that I don’t say this to all the gals but no re…this isn’t my pick up line!!! :O I thought you…blah blah…” only to get no more replies from her. I should have kept quiet, but no…I still had some free messages left from my daily quota. So I sent her a “Did you sleep? Why no reply? Are you angry with me or something?” .This was the final nail in the coffin. She never replied, ever again.

Now what did I (un)learn from this?

Well…I learnt:
a. Not to bother about finishing my daily quota of free text messages.
b. Not to ask if she was angry, when I knew she was very angry. Especially not, when I know she’s angry cos of me.
c. That “go eat somethin and zzzz” means she doesn’t expect any reply from me, except maybe a courtesy-wala “goodnight” message.
d. Not to force her to reply by asking “Why no reply?”…she will reply if she wants to. Period.
e. Not to say something so repetitively that it seems like a “pick up” line. Sigh!!
f. Basically nothing!! Mistakes happen, repetitively!! πŸ˜›


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[Bakwaas]~ Animations in a Team!! ;)

One should be fortunate enough to be working in a project team where the team members are like minded. If not like minded, atleast they should be adjusting. If not both, they should atleast NOT be stupidly irritating…else, they stand a good chance of being made fun of!! πŸ˜‰
When people ask me:
1) How can someone even manage with you being in their team? You don’t work, you don’t let others work, you distract people by taking them on periodic coffee breaks and when no one’s around, you ping people on the communicator irrespective of their (usually false) status’s…How can someone even complete their work man?
2) You involve yourself a lot in non-project related activities…Pitstop, Outreach, Blogs, OCS, etc…what project related work do you do?
and so on…all I do is, smile. :mrgreen:
Smart work cannot be projected, nor can it be put in mere words. πŸ˜‰
But then there are (terrific) chances that smart work cannot be recognized too…my appraisal ratings talk about that!! 😈

Anyways, don’t run away….this is not an advice kind of a post!! πŸ˜› I was just giving some build-up trailer to some bakwaas conversation I had with one of my friend.
Last weekend over gtalk, I happened to ask her “You never tell me about the characters in your project…are they so good that you don’t have anything to talk about them? No one to make fun of eh?”

Note: At this point, I’m sure a few will keep it in mind to ask me “How come all your friends are gals, Sree?” in the comment section. And in my usual style I would give them all, a smile!! πŸ˜€

I think she was waiting for someone to ask her that question. I had a good laugh over the next 30 mins, as she narrated how she worked in the best team possible…sarcasm can jump in the well, if you didn’t get that one!! πŸ˜›

Here goes our chat:

Disclaimer: I’ve edited some part of the chat!! Why? Well…since you guys are already aware that I don’t flirt, I need not showcase those pointers in our conversation. πŸ˜‰

Me: “You never tell me about the characters in your project…are they so good that you don’t have anything to talk about them? No one to make fun of eh?”
She: “Aha…you never asked me…well…you wanna hear? might take sometime…”

Me: “Hmm…I’m a very busy chap…but OK, I’ll make some time for ya…Start! πŸ˜› ”
She: “Don’t bull me ok? Anyways…my team consists of 5 cartoon characters πŸ˜€ “

Me: “Does it include you too? πŸ˜† ”
She: “Don’t poke your nose, if you want me to tell you what happened two days ago!”

Me: “Ok ok ok…continue re baba!”
She: “As I said, my team consists of 5 cartoon characters.
1 – my TL (let’s name her Sonia Gandhi…for better understanding πŸ˜‰ )
2 – my team mate (Manmohan Singh)
3 – my humble self πŸ˜‰
4 – another team mate, a gal who thinks she has won the Miss Universe pagaent
and 5 – an ELT, who due to lack of work at hand roams around the bay seeing award hangings on walls, as though he is at an art exhibition πŸ˜€ “

Me: “Wow…is your PM ok? How does she/he manage Walt Disney Productions?”
She: “He’s a busy person handling many projects, so doesn’t interfere much in our day to day activities…troublesome yes, when we need leave approvals but then overall he’s just fine!”

Me: “Hmm…ok ok ok..continue”
She: “Ya…so…everyday Manmohan Singh comes in at 8 and leaves by per the PM and TL, he is THE ONE to handle the release but that only means that he is just dumped with more-n-more work…he has high hopes of going onsite..which sadly he (and me too) knows that he wont get it!
As for me, I just give my count of 15 per day..and leave by past experiences have taught me well πŸ™‚ “

Me: “15 counts of what?”
She: “Test cases re…don’t ask me such stupid questions…”

Me: “Err…ok ok ok…15 per day…no wonder why we developers hate testers! πŸ˜› ”
She: “And we have lots of work, thanks to the stupidity of people like you! What about that? πŸ˜€ “

Me: “Ok ok ok…continue…tell me about that Miss Universe female! πŸ˜› :mrgreen:
She: “Despo…I knew you would surely ask about her even if I had deliberately missed…well…Miss Universe is very smart you know..although she knows everything, she will act dumb…to avoid being given work! A 3B combo…Beauty-Brain-Bull…And the ELT is no where in picture, currently πŸ™‚ “

Me: “Hehe…so what happened?”
She: “Manmohan sits adjacent to me so I can see his monitor when I turn, and SoniaG always does what she is good at…handling the strings of her puppet (Manmohan-ji). She tried it on me too…but I don’t have any strings attached! πŸ˜‰ “

Me: “Hehe…was that an intended pun? too good πŸ˜€ ”
She: “Intended or not, it was an instant pun for sure! πŸ˜‰ so…usually if SoniaG wants us to stay late, she will send a mail to Manmohan – asking him to tell us to stay till 8…and he will inturn send a mail to us deleting her id πŸ˜€ [psychic psychology]…this is the inside story, that I knew…but no one else knows πŸ™‚ “

Me: “Wah…Karamchand…Wah” (Note: For the unknown, Karamchand was Door-Darshan’s Sherlock Holmes!! πŸ˜‰ )
She: “Hehe…so that day, only some modules were working properly…and we all gave a total count of 56…Miss Universe started packing up by 6:20…I had done my count of exact 15 so even I started to pack up…SoniaG (her count being 7) got all agitated…so she sent a mail to Manmohan with the subject liner “Ask them to stay till 8″…and since the two of us were already packing up, Manmohan got very…and in the hurry to send the mail to us he forgot to clear the subject line…lol lol lol…I told him he is going to get for it! πŸ˜‰ And he was literally pleading to me not to leave my seat..cos if I do SoniaG will have all the liberty to pounce on him πŸ˜€ “

Me: “So even your TL ..aka.. Sonia, has to show a count of 15? good ya…mera wala ullu ka patta kuch karta hi nahi, sirf delegation…hmmph!”
She: “Jaise tu kuch karta hey! πŸ˜› “

Me: “Oyee…chal then what happened?”
She: “What has to happen has to happen na? Next thing was SoniaG mailed him to join her in the meeting room…Miss Universe stayed till 8, but was reading a book even after being asked to work…I did just one test case from 6:45 to 8 πŸ˜€ Manmohan did 5, struggling on each of them and cursing himself…Madam SoniaG left doing nothing, at 7:15…I don’t really know what was the need for all this “stay till 8″ hallabulla…”

Me: “What to do, some have to do that to show who the leader is…leader of cartoons!! πŸ˜› ”
She: “I didn’t tell you all this story so that you can make fun of me…if I start talking about you, you’ll repent having made fun of me in the first place…hmmmph…”

Me: “Oyee…no no no…maaf karde!”
She: ” And you know what…the last time SoniaG had mailed him with subject line reading “Ask the one sitting next to you, to stay till 8!!”and I had just happened to turn to ask him something and saw it..and he was pleading to me saying ‘don’t tell her that you saw it’…hehe…I stayed till 8 and just cleared my inbox of all fwds and my drawer of all unwanted papers πŸ˜€ “

Me: “Thats bad ya…no work then why stay back? to show to others how hard you all work eh?”
She: “Dunno the reasons..and I don’t understand any bull….but ek ek namune hai mere team mein…And sadly, this story will continue Monday…sigh..”

Me: “Anyways, too bad ya…so what’s for dinner?”
She: “Ye lo…all you can be, is despo…then Miss Universe, now food…when will you ….blah blah blah…”

Next time you have a teammate who’s a pain in the wrong place, share your experiences with me…I would love to know those cartoons…There’s no bigger animation than in the life we are living through…all we need to do, is to recognize which character they fit into!! πŸ˜›

PS: The anagram of ‘Animate’ gives “In a Team”…so the title! πŸ˜‰


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The Conflict Inside!!

Who are you? What are you? Are you someone who writes prose? Stories, facts-n-fantasy, rants, et al. Or are you someone who pens down thoughts and calls them poetry? She, we, me, pink, et al. An inner voice, asks me these…

Do you know what you are? What you want to be? What you want to write? Do you have a motive? A direction? Why do you write?
Not sure of what I actually was, I kept quiet…
But I feel that I cannot be both…and this stand, seems somewhat so sensible to me…am I that sensible? πŸ™„

Then came that virtual moment when the prose in me met up with the poet in me…and this is what I overheard as they began to interact:


Hey there…you seem familiar…you know me buddy?

Oh yeah, I do know you dude…
You are the one who’s mostly misunderstood…

Err…oh…well…how do you know me? and you talk in rhyme…to show off that you are a poet?

We are the same…you are me…as much as I am you…
You do prose, while I’m a poet with a rhyming flu…

Oh…so this guy has a split personality or something, with we being the two halves?

He’s confused as a confusion can be, so he’s split…
Ever wondered why his blog name has “Mind” in it?

Well…nah…never did he make me write about why there’s “Mind” in his blog name…so why?

Maybe cos that’s one thing that’s lacking up there, in that dumb wit…
I wonder why he gives a picture, and makes you scribble bakwaas on it??

Oh…yeah…I’m tired of him making me do that man…he does that too often…he took permission to pluck mangoes from a tree and made me scribble instead that he stole it…he was trying to be a hero eh? He didn’t even spare his cousin…asked him to pose with a plough and ordered me to make him a Rakhi Sawant scapegoat…wonder where he gets those sick ideas from…I feel so used man…pheesh… 😈

Oh yes…you like it or not, a hero he often tries to be…
With an image he’s built up using me, like he’s in search of his “She”…

God…you mean he makes you paint a romantic picture of him, through your poetry? What all he does to make up an image dude??!!…sigh!!!

Worst is the fact that he still fails, inspite all the hype..
But then he bounces back nevertheless…he’s that carefree type…

Hmm…so you mean, you can love him only as much as you can hate him eh? What a mess…tragedy!! So what’s he upto with you now?

I really dunno what’s in that hollow mind of his…
He makes me type numerous verses, which he later himself deletes…

So what do we do inside of him? Just do as he says or act a little funny?

Now you are talking…what’s on your side of the mind?
But let me be straight…we’re not attacking from behind….

Ah…dont you worry…what if I don’t listen to him and not write about the photos he picks? And you, not write anything about “she”, whoever it maybe?

That’s a nice idea, we shall stick to writing just fact…
But how do you think his readers will react?

Why do you care, it’s he who will face their queries…let’s just not obey his stupid ideas…he’s nothing without the either of us…

I feel sorry for him anyways, oh poor he…
But then without us, lets see what he can be…

PS: I really dunno what made meΒ write this!! πŸ™„


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High Heeled Aunty Stella! ;)


She walks down the stairs making too much noise…
Talks to all on the way with a loud voice!
Flirts with every old and young fella…
She’s none other than our high-heeled Aunt Stella! πŸ˜‰

Not so long long ago, Stella had sat on the wall…
Uncle Mathew did have a great fall, if not for all!
A man so handsome then and tall…
He was unaware of the things that were to befall!

She was short and beautiful, well known for her high heels…
He got to look directly into her eyes, as he went down on his knees!
With a sparkling diamond ring in a tiny box, he did propose…
β€œYes I do” she said and hugged him tight, as he arose!

Times changed and things slowly did fall in place…
Aunt Stella and Uncle Mathew they became, as age showed up on their face!
If Uncle Mathew looked around to get refreshed, she’d take his case…
Cos she believed that she was still a strong contender in the race! πŸ™„

Yet, Aunt Stella walks down the stairs making all that noise…
While Uncle Mathew sits retired at home, having no choice!
She hates it when any young fella refers to her as an β€œAunt”…
Fast walk, loud talk and high heels is all that she’s got to flaunt! πŸ˜€


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Photo clicks & a need for next door chicks! ;)

It’s been a long time since I have been off the external blogging circuit…the reasons are many, but then those reason seem so unreasonable for why I havent been around…I hate dormancy, but then probably a lot of factors got together and hatched a plan to unsettle me!

It all began with a health scare…lasting 2 days…followed by two weeks long of travelling along the Chennai-Bangalore-Mysore-Hyderabad-Chennai route…finally ending on the dentist’s chair diagonized with multiple root canals! Sigh…that was just the beginning…With the canals still being under construction within the interiors of my loud speaker, my honorable owner dude landed asking us to vacate the flat unless we cough up INR 3K ($60) more per month…it seems he heard from someone that its the “beginning of the end of recession”, so he decided to kill us with his nonsensical demand. Who’s he to screw up an already screwed up life? whatever…phak him! 😈

Sacred Learnings of the week: The actual meaning of FYA!! 😦
Usage: In corporate emails, superiors forward a received mail with a FYA…
I knew it stood for “For Your Action”! – this normally happens to be a “you are gonna get screwed by this” mailer!
Recently, got to know from a manager that it also stood for “F**k Your A$$”…which literally is the same! πŸ˜€

Anyways…enuf talks of sickness and sick abbreviations. Let me show you a few pics that I clicked in Hyderabad! πŸ™‚
But before that, I sincerely apologize to the bloggers whom I followed for my conspicous absence on their blogs…I’m gonna visit you all soon, and as regularly as before! πŸ™‚
Chalo photo voto dekhte hey..

Β Golconda fort

Golconda fort

Same fort, from the top of it:

Golconda top view

The famed monument, Charminar:

Charminar Seedha view

Charminar, upfront and close:

Charminar side view

A few pics shot at Ramoji film City:

The huge painting on canvas: Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights, Camera, Action

The local hollywood! πŸ˜‰

Local Hollywood

The animal shaped shrubs garden:

Animal shaped garden

Balcony show: Marilyn Monroe

Marlyn Monroe

Me ogling at Marilyn, made this dude sad…It took a while for me to convince him: Charlie Chaplin


And then the eternal bachelor called the single me to show something in that right side corner:


I quicky ran to get a photo clicked with her!! She did something that I badly needed (no, not “screwing” this time πŸ˜› )…a spanner to fix the screw! she called them “leaks”…eeeks! πŸ˜‰

she fixes

– Search is on for a new place…a paying guest room, with girls next door…wishes, prayers (and gifts for my-to-be-neighbors) welcome! πŸ˜› :mrgreen:

Have a nice last week of August (it was disgust for me πŸ˜‰ )!! πŸ˜›


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Do I flirt? Hell no! ;)

I have been interrogated quite a few many times…by parents, friends – both guys and gals, policemen, watchmen, auto-drivers and even my maid…one common question they ask somewhere along the whole tete-e-tete is the very one about which I have no clue whatsoever. They all in some way or the other ask “Sree, Do you flirt?”! πŸ™„
Now as you know, Sree and Flirting are like Snow and the Sahara! πŸ˜›
I always end up trying to convince them with “Err…nooooo….nooooo…I don’t flirt…I…noooooo…nooo…flirt??…me??…I don’t…what?!!”…but to my bad luck, they end up not believing me. Hmmmph!!
As someone said, β€œOne kind of flirtation, is to boast we never flirt.”….I didn’t know that though I did it all the while! πŸ˜›
Did you just say “I don’t believe you”? WTF!
This post is a result of these one-too-many enquiries….I decided to pick up a few lines and styles to flirt around…Ladies, in case you get to meet me…beware!!! :mrgreen:

The Bare Stare:
I was standing at the bus stand…waiting for the ever punctual 9:45pm AC bus to arrive which would take me to the Chennai Central (Railway station) on my way to Bangalore…Standing beside me was a girl who by her looks and luggage, seemed like an IT geek on her way to hometown, waiting for the same AC bus as I was. I looked at her with naked eyes (yes, I wasn’t wearing my spectacles…what else huh?)….she looked at me…our eyes met….
All of a sudden, out of nowhere, an aunty appeared – “Enna kanna…flirting-a?” (What son, flirting eh?) 😈
I didn’t know what to say then…
Later as I searched googled, I learnt that I had to say like someone quoted – β€œYeah I flirt, I’m not blind and I’m not dead!” Sigh…if I had researched a little earlier! πŸ˜›

Well, for those unaware…Eye Contact happens to be the most used and simplest flirting technique…as someone winkingly said, eyes do speak! πŸ˜‰
But too much of staring is bad…especially if its just one sided! If you can’t understand what I mean, experience it! πŸ˜›

Some of the pick-up lines and my learnings which doesn’t work anymore:

1. “You remind me of my next girlfriend.”
Modern women, are like mystery…you never know if they are single, committed, engaged or married…and beauty of it all, is that they never tell…One needs to be careful when you use this liner…Best to be used against those women who have been referenced by a trustworthy referrer. πŸ˜€

2. “My friend wants to know if you think I’m hot”
This is a very dangerous flirt line…unless you have a friend who is equally crazy and supportive…one whom you haven’t betrayed at any point of time (till then)…Cos if the gal ends up to be foolish, she is bound to ask “Which friend?”…at that very moment, you’d need some (otherwise useless) body to point at… πŸ˜†

3. “If nothing lasts for ever, will you be my nothing?”
This is a tried and tested liner…never used to fail…until girls took offense at being referred to as “nothing”…Remember, they are anything but nothing! πŸ˜‰

4. “Baby, you must be a lighter cause you turn me on..”
Never use this on first meet, unless you wanna burn your fingers! A very bold flirt line…believe me, if she’s hot and angry she’d light you up…alive…hmm…

5. “I can’t taste my lips, could you do it for me?”
This one’s very flirtatious of the lot…make sure no one’s around, especially the ones from her side…not even her pet…If she happens to be an dog lover, she’d say “my dog would do that on my behalf”….save yourself an embarrasment! πŸ˜›

6. “If you were a bullet, I would shoot myself to have you in me.”
This is a military flirt line…if the girl is a daughter of a Colonel, try this one…would work fine, unless she’s got the license to kill…High when it comes to risk…but gives a high kick! πŸ˜‰

7. “Feel my shirt. Does that feel like boyfriend material?”
This is a “tailor”ed flirt line….cheap, but one which definitely brings on a smile…if she agrees, you are damn lucky dog…if not, the max that can happen is her pushing you away with a “Chi…thuuu….poda”!! πŸ˜†

8. “Your parents must be bakers, coz’ ur a cutie pie”
This is a cute one, agreed…but then if girl gets offended for calling her parents bakers, get ready to be baked like one loaf of a bread! πŸ˜‰

9. “Damn girl, u look so fine….
Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β Β  Do u mind, being mine”
Poetic flirting…never fails…unless she’s a dead duck with cob-webbed feet….!! πŸ˜›

10. “I feel like Richard Gere, I’m standing next to you, you Pretty Woman.”
Romantic filmi flirting…make sure your gal has seen the movie you are using as a bait…else it would make no sense…Also be sure of the movie character you pick…imagine how it would be using this line, if Richard Gere was gay in the movie! πŸ˜›


The most disgusting and local pick-up line that I learnt here in Chennai is “Enna Solranga?”…crap…a neat lift of “Kya bolti tu?”! πŸ˜› Aamir Khan saying it to Rani Mukherji is one thing, while the local romeo using his own version is another! πŸ˜›

Chalo…so long…and ya, be good! πŸ˜‰
PS: All lines have been flicked off the internet….cos I don’t flirt! πŸ˜‰


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Rants on a boring sunday evening! :)

Life’s been tough…some random rants on a boring sunday late evening!

1. MJ was buried without his brains…as a tribute, the journos decided not to use their brains too and were seen smiling/laughing/very-excited at his funeral! hmmph!

2. The last few weeks have been very disturbing…with friends and colleagues losing out on their jobs…Things look somewhat better now…has to get better, Amen! πŸ™‚

3. The budget was cranky…nothing for the mortals like me…a saving of one grand could very well go if the erased FBT has to be borne by us, the employees! Sigh!

4. Had been home to Bangalore last weekend…got drenched in the Saturday noon showers…first time this year!! Yay!!! πŸ™‚

5. Things haven’t changed much regarding my train travels…I happened to travel to-n-fro with a bunch of retired strangers. The only problem with travelling in the same compartment as them is that they switch-on the lights and switch-off the fan minimum 2 hours in advance to reaching the destination.

6 The only thing exciting about mondays…is that there are just 4 more days to go, for the weekend! πŸ˜‰

7. The girls-next-door took our newspaper one morning. So we suspected. Investigations are being carried out. But am not able to decide: Shall I knock their door or ring the door-bell? πŸ˜›

8. That Shoba De writes very well, is common knowledge…I especially like her articles when it’s in regards with man-woman relationships and sarcastic humor. She did a slap-stick about Shiney Ahuja’s next movie “Maid in India” in Sunday Times column – “Politically Incorrect”! πŸ˜€

9. Instead of being happy and satisfied at winning the T20 World Cup this year, Pakistan still has to point fingers at India. Shahid Afridi has said that India didn’t seem like they wanted to play Pakistan. He was right, cos we just wanted to win. (We won the warm up tie…and didnt get to face them again)!! Hmmph!

10.Β  The serial-kisser, Emraan Hashmi seems to have stopped doing the act on 72mm…but “Kissing On-screen” is the latest technique of promoting an Indian movie. In a country like India, where population crisis was never an issue – this seems to be ironic…but this strategy is definitely working awesome. πŸ˜€

11. Talking about political power misuse…the latest one is Mayawati who is setting up “Maya Nagari” spending thousands of crores of tax-payers money in the name of caste-politics. She happened to inaugrate 25 statues (of Late Kanshiram and herself) in 2 hours flat last week. I wish we were crows and pigeons, atleast we could take give them their dues! Hmmph!
12. This number adds to 3…my lucky number…I was born on the 21st…and the year after this is 2010…what’s in store for me? πŸ˜›

13. With the article 377 being set straight (what an irony), there were celebrations on the streets of Chennai and Bangalore…Will we get to see demands “for quota” and “for minority status” in the near future…I’ve nothing against, just stating the trend…

14. What has the world come to? Forget humans, even cartoons are not being spared. Intially there was hue and cry over Tintin’s homosexuality…and now it’s about Archie choosing Veronica over Betty! Atleast Archie chose a woman! The world isn’t happy over anything! Sigh!

15. My watchman wanted to secretly apply as a participant for Rakhi’s Swayamvar drama on Television…while his wife wanted her grandson to give a shot at making Rakhi her bahu. πŸ˜†


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Little less beard, little less gay! :)

When you want something, you don’t get everything.

There will be compromises, disappointments, more of downs than ups, more of that than this…you tend to cry by every passing minute, you tend to die by every little pain…

And if you are born with a second-hand silver spoon, no matter what crap is thrown at you – you have to smile.

Smile through the happy moments, smile through the sad moments, smile through the broken hearts, smile through the innumerable farts cos you are always being clicked….you are the darling to the eyes of the media…the papparazi…they click your every flick…you do it alone or with a chick, they just click.

No matter what you are going through…you gotta smile, keep a brave face.

They celebrate your marriage, they brand you gay…they celebrate you, with your life and privacy you pay.

He was born…to a man…a man so tall compared to his wife…a man with a commanding voice…
He looked upon his dad…he wanted to be like his dad…to be as tall as he was, to be (standing) straight as his dad…
He wanted to walk, talk, somewhat dance, spread his arms, fight, romance, deliver dialogues…like his dad.

But life is like a punctured cycle…No matter you cant drive home, you still tend to push it home. Score!

He was not the only one with needs…his dad doted upon him…
His dad wanted to be young…romantic…with a taller world pageant winning woman by his side…
His dad wanted to be like his son…with aΒ little lessΒ beard…a little less gay…



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I wanna be a Superhero…

Even if you sneeze, the whole world gets to know…thanks to you updating your Orkut or Facebook profile status…
I’m just doing it the other way round…My fortune today in Orkut read like this:
Today’s fortune: What we think, we become (Please don’t think you are a superhero and don’t try to fly)
The word superhero caught my mind….resulting in nonsensical poetry!! πŸ˜€ Pardon me!! :mrgreen:


I wanna be a super hero….
Cos am tired of being equated to a zero…
Wanna be all powerful and do good…
Well known, popular and never misunderstood!

I wanna be a Spiderman…
Fly over skyscapers whenever I can..
And get kissed upside down in rain…
By none other than my very own Mary Jane!

I wanna be a He-man…
Swing around that sword like a fan….
Fight all demons, and break the curse…
And be the master of the universe!

I wanna be a Superman….
Fly up, up and away to Krypton for a tan…
Work aside a reporter like Ms. Lois Lane….
Be called as the man of steel, oh feels so sane!! πŸ˜€

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