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Photo clicks & a need for next door chicks! ;)

It’s been a long time since I have been off the external blogging circuit…the reasons are many, but then those reason seem so unreasonable for why I havent been around…I hate dormancy, but then probably a lot of factors got together and hatched a plan to unsettle me!

It all began with a health scare…lasting 2 days…followed by two weeks long of travelling along the Chennai-Bangalore-Mysore-Hyderabad-Chennai route…finally ending on the dentist’s chair diagonized with multiple root canals! Sigh…that was just the beginning…With the canals still being under construction within the interiors of my loud speaker, my honorable owner dude landed asking us to vacate the flat unless we cough up INR 3K ($60) more per month…it seems he heard from someone that its the “beginning of the end of recession”, so he decided to kill us with his nonsensical demand. Who’s he to screw up an already screwed up life? whatever…phak him! 😈

Sacred Learnings of the week: The actual meaning of FYA!! 😦
Usage: In corporate emails, superiors forward a received mail with a FYA…
I knew it stood for “For Your Action”! – this normally happens to be a “you are gonna get screwed by this” mailer!
Recently, got to know from a manager that it also stood for “F**k Your A$$”…which literally is the same! 😀

Anyways…enuf talks of sickness and sick abbreviations. Let me show you a few pics that I clicked in Hyderabad! 🙂
But before that, I sincerely apologize to the bloggers whom I followed for my conspicous absence on their blogs…I’m gonna visit you all soon, and as regularly as before! 🙂
Chalo photo voto dekhte hey..

 Golconda fort

Golconda fort

Same fort, from the top of it:

Golconda top view

The famed monument, Charminar:

Charminar Seedha view

Charminar, upfront and close:

Charminar side view

A few pics shot at Ramoji film City:

The huge painting on canvas: Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights, Camera, Action

The local hollywood! 😉

Local Hollywood

The animal shaped shrubs garden:

Animal shaped garden

Balcony show: Marilyn Monroe

Marlyn Monroe

Me ogling at Marilyn, made this dude sad…It took a while for me to convince him: Charlie Chaplin


And then the eternal bachelor called the single me to show something in that right side corner:


I quicky ran to get a photo clicked with her!! She did something that I badly needed (no, not “screwing” this time 😛 )…a spanner to fix the screw! she called them “leaks”…eeeks! 😉

she fixes

– Search is on for a new place…a paying guest room, with girls next door…wishes, prayers (and gifts for my-to-be-neighbors) welcome! 😛 :mrgreen:

Have a nice last week of August (it was disgust for me 😉 )!! 😛


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[Tamasha]: Bilateral Bakwaas! ;)

It was a peaceful weekend, basically with nothing to do. All plans had failed, as usual either with the excuse of “no time” or “no budget”! But then there’s some power up there which doesn’t allow you do nothing. It sends down someone to nibble into your time, mind and if you’re non-vigilant, to possibly squeeze some money out too.
I was lazing at home listening to music on the laptop while simultaneously scribbling on the virtual notepad. My roommate called up to inform me that our house owner would be landing home anytime that evening to “talk” with us. 😦

Their call conversation had gone somewhat like this:
Owner: “Are you at home?”
Roomie: “No sir, am out for some work”
O: “Is anyone else home?”
R: “Ya, Sreeram is always at home”! (what the… :twisted:)
O: “Inform him that I’ll come in the evening. We need to talk!”
R: “OK…”

Our call went this way:
Roomie: “The owner is coming to talk…”
Me: “Who? the dawg?”
R: “Ya, the dawg is coming to bark…he gave a missed call and I called him back!”
Me: “What?? Were you outta your mind to do that? You should have said – no one’s at home!”
R: “Ya I should have…but I said you are at home”
Me: “You $%^&*…when’s he coming?”
R: “Sometime in the evening he said”
Me: “Ok…Now my entire evening is gonna $%^&* up! Try to join the fun!”

Our owner gives us missed calls as if we dont pay him the rent. Since I dont respond to his missed calls, he calls my roomies who by instinct (don’t ask me) entertain missed calls! 😛
To give a preface of my owner – He’s a simply complicated gone-case. Period.

The dialogues we have is very similar to the Indo-Pak talks. Indecisive, Inconclusive and as always a FAILURE. 😀

Ever since I got to know that the owner was coming, I thought of getting ready by preparing an agenda with pointers. So at the end of it all, the pointers I had were:
1) To request (again) the still pending lease agreement
2) To ask him when he would come next, so as to get the rent receipts ready and signed.
And ya, thats it…I had nothing else on the table from our side!
Oh ya…I had the usual plan B, in case he again asks me my history and CTC!
1) To ask details about his daughter. (It was effective once…so 100% record! ;))! :mrgreen:


He landed home around 9:15 pm and by then my roomie was home…hehe…so we were now two who could share the pain! I cannot put every dialogue that took place between us till 11 pm – not that its confidential, but its 100 odd minutes of plain simply useless nonsense.

The owner seemed to have come with an agenda of his own:
1) Understand the Satyam fiasco
2) Enquire if his (honourable :P) tenants still have their jobs
3) Enquire if they’ve got a pay hike (or cut…though this wont affect him a bit)
4) Rise the rent
5) Rise the caution deposit
Note: Say ‘No’ to all that they ask. If not, cook a sad story till they pity me.

So at the end of “talks”…our respective agendas stood like this:

Our Agenda:
1) To request the still pending lease agreement
–> He said, “Ok, only if you pay me the tax amount that I will have to bear for giving you that agreement”
–> We replied, “Oh ok…then no need…we’ll pay our own taxes”
2) To ask him when he would come next, so as to get the rent receipts ready and signed.
–> He said, “Why do you need that? I don’t know when I am coming next time”
–> We replied, “Oh ok….we’ll see that at the time of rent payment this month end”

His Agenda:
1) Understand the Satyam fiasco
–> We said, “Oh! None of us know…we are not working in that company! We know only whats in the paper!”
–> He replied, “My son was saying….blah blah blah…….”
Our thought –> *Why ask when you know everything?* Hmmph!
2) Enquire if the tenants still have their jobs
–> We said, “Sir, why do you think so?”
–> He replied, “Looking at what happened to Satyam, I thought since you also work for IT sector….blah blah….”
Our thought –> *Why ask when you know everything?* Hmmph!
3) Enquire if they’ve got a pay hike or cut
–> We said, “We don’t get hikes in January sir”
–> He replied, “But my son gets it every January….blah blah….”
Our thought –> *Why ask when you know everything?* Hmmph!
4) Rise the rent
–> He said, “Give me 1K more…You can add another roommate…you’ll reduce 400 per head in this bad situation”
–> We replied, “You know the situation, then why increase by 1K?”
–> He said, “But you will reduce 400 per head you know”
Our thought –> *Why ask when you know everything?* Hmmph!
5) Rise the caution deposit
–> He said, “Normally we take 10 months advance as deposit”
–> We replied, “Ya, we had paid 10 months advance initially…then you increased the rent”
–> He said, “Ya, but if we calculate 10 times of that now…..blah blah”
Our thought –> *Why ask when you know everything?* Hmmph!
Note: Say ‘No’ to all that they ask. If not, cook a sad story till they pity me.
–> We requested, “Sir, give us your account number so that we can transfer the rent online. Its tough and time wasting to go to your relative’s place every month to give it”
–> He replied, “In the year 2000 and 5…you know….blah blah…”

So as you see, there was nothing out of it for both parties at the end of an hour and forty-five minutes of time pass. Just like  how the Indo-Pak bilateral talks go on. Only difference is that we didn’t spend any tax-giver’s money unlike in the actual talks! 😀


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Mind…all piled up! :)

I seriously don’t know what you guys will end up reading here…this mind is a complex kachra and its in total pileup! Lots of things in the name of sense and nonsense in this mind, but no idea how to vent each of those things out of there! No, the mind does puke/burp…thank you!


I dont know if I should blame someone or the New year for that matter. Its been 13 good eventful days already in this year…and people have taken all steps that they can to blame the New year, left right and center!
For instance…my friend lost a chance to go onsite (his first one) and he sweared “F*** man…this new year!”…

If you ask me 2009 which adds to 2 may also turn unlucky for me!! Ask me why…
Well I have a mathematical reason for that….To me, the numbers 1 and 3 are lucky…since 2 lies in between them and is not lucky, it is unlucky! Simple! 🙂
2008 had been a great year…and I presume 2010 will be so! 😀 But nevertheless I will try to make 2009 work out! Let’s see whats in store! 🙂

I have my own reasons to blame this year so far….
1) I lost an unforgettable good friend in an accident…She loved to eat Tiger biscuit so much that I had named her Tigeress! Now I eat the whole packet of Tiger biscuits on her behalf.
2) I got a new roomie…I told you about him already na…he’s still the same…
3) We (thankfully my roomie was with me that fateful night) had another disastrous session of man-to-men talks with our house owner….saala…He came in at 9 15pm and stayed on till 11pm…Our talks are like the Indo-Pak bilateral talks….never conclusive…but decisively a failure. He had 2 things to “suggest”…Rise in Rent & Rise in Caution Deposit! We had a Rise in Blood Pressure. And when it came to our “suggestions”, he had one template as an answer – “Nice Nice, but NO”! Aaaasoul!
At the end of 100 odd marathon mins…he went back without any successful negotiation…and we were left behind with a bad mouth and a hungry stomach!
4) My teammate was released yesterday from the project….and the pending work from his side has fallen on me…thats ok, it happens…but the onsite guy seems to be in an urgent over something which I don’t know yet…so am in a dead-lock as far as work is concerned. Tough times ahead it seems…till all pending ones are cleared!
5) Tomorrow is the first holiday due to a festival this year…and it happens to fall on a Wednesday…Why not a Monday or a Friday?? 😦

For the last few days am totally confused…and as usual forgettful… I am now reading two books…and have asked my friend to lend me a third. In the last week of 2008, I had started Sudha Murty’s “Wise & Otherwise”…While still at it, I started to read a humor book named “Dilli toh Pagal Hai”…and oh am still at it…and today, I asked my friend to lend me her copy of Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”….In this situation, I am now not sure if I’m wise or otherwise…what with Dilli being Shrugged…and what to do…kya kare…Atlas toh Pagal Hai! 🙂


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