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A trip to Nandi Hills…

On the first Saturday of 2009, I had been to Nandi Hills, a place 45 kms from Bangalore! No had not gone for trekking or any adventure, but just like that to enjoy a ride up the hills! 🙂


Loved the journey along the straight never ending roads…


The Nandi hills from way down….the only way was up…


I think (s)he was expecting me and recognized me nevertheless! 😛


This is what I got to see from up above the hills…a lovely sight! 🙂


And yay! Thats me there not knowing what to do…so smiling! 😉


This is an old temple up there on the hills, made entirely of stone!! 🙂


It had been a long time since I played in a park…Here I am on a See-Saw with my niece Anisha…as a reflection of how the situation in life is, am way down on the ground!! 😉


Up and away on the swing…my head is between my feet, now what can I say…it always is! :mrgreen:

All in all, I had a great time re-visiting my childhood in this “under 12 only” park!! 😉 How can I get matured beyond 12 yrs? Ever!! 😉


As I was going down the hill, couldn’t resist taking this shot again wherein a couple stand and watch the scenery…probably dreaming their future together… 🙂


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[Pen-Strokes]~ Shahid ya ‘Shaheed’ Kapur? ;)

Now with a pen in hand, when I didn’t feel like writing and yet felt like I had to do some scribbling, I found Shahid Kapur smiling (actually just staring) at me out of a newspaper supplement…the Chennai Times! 😀

And I ended up with this…he’s come out a little chubby than in the original newspaper print…Can I say like, I fed him with what I cooked?? 😛

Let me know if you are able to recognize him?? If yes, muah!! 😀


Aha…still breathing?? 😛

UPDATE: BTW, this happens to be my 50th post here!! Yippeeeee!! :mrgreen:


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[Pic-Blog]~ Of just another day…

To begin with…got up (early???) morning and as usual stood by my bedroom window!
The pic below is the view from the window of my 3rd floor apartments in Adyar
I love this site every morning, especially during spring season!! This collage of leaves and flowers happens to cover the ever-busy road below….Lovely! 🙂

And ya yesterday…along with a few friends, I had been around the Besantnagar Beach here in Chennai, TN, India. It’s called the Elliot’s beach, but putting all complications aside…we prefer to call it the Bessie Beach!! 😉
Here are a few pics of that!! 😀

The structure you see in the center is the Karl Schmidt Memorial…This memorial is named after the Dutch sailor who lost his life in the process of saving a drowning swimmer.

A closer view of the memorial…sad to see its almost in ruins, with couples coochie-cooing and lazy butts lying down amidst the  wide clearly visible cracks…sigh!!!

The view of the memorial from the road…

It was cool to see the beach cleaner (it stunk the last time I went there)…though I don’t think it would remain the same for long! 😦

Can you imagine…this pic below was shot at 12 45pm…the sun no where to be seen, cool breeze, hard hitting waves…just amazing weather!! Hmmm….right time for the young couple to get along! 😉

Till next time…signing off!! 😀


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