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We…She and Me~The FUN never ENDS! ;)

I did WAKE UP that morning, like always, late to the rising sun…
She was lying down next to me, head covered, like a nun…
“Will you get up?” I asked half hungry, half awake…
I got no reply but before any damage could happen I realized my mistake!

As I prepared the breakfast, I logged into Facebook…
Felt good, as I updated my status about what did I cook…
The married men did ‘like’ it, while singletons thought it to be a joke…
I heard her call my name, so I logged off but not before repaying her poke!

Out of blue she asked “Who is more beautiful – me or the moon?”
I didn’t know what to say, for the sun was burning that afternoon…
And I said “Can I tell you later dear, after comparing with the moon?”
She stared at me hard, as if I was some freaky performing baboon!

I thought, ‘The month began with a weekend, how bad it could be’
For SEPTEMBER had ended and October was all about festivity!
“What’s special for dinner?” I asked her, making small talk…
“Ask the moon that” she said smiling…ah, the pleasures of wedlock!

‘The fun never ENDS’, I sighed smiling back at her…
These things are inevitable with opposites living together!
With potatoes set to boil, I logged into Facebook…
She had commented on my status saying “Tonight he will cook <3”! 😉


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A dry day, in May!

Lights are flashing, mind’s disturbing…
Not my fault, her love’s lost…
Tides repeating, times are changing…
Not her fault, it pained me a lot…

Met her down the street…
Sometime late, of last September…
We had fun, mood being upbeat…
And a walk to remember…

Hand in hand, singing a song…
Caring for none, loud and drunk…
Going no where, just heading along…
Beneath the vast sky, lay our bunk…

Talking of birds, and to stars…
Lost in time, and into each other…
Window-shopping, strolls to bazaars…
Bonds got stronger, we didn’t bother…

And then…

One fine morning, it all went wrong…
Sometime mid, of this May…
There was no music, thus ended the song…
There was no her, no liquor, just a dry day…

PS: This is a rejected piece of work for an internal corporate blog-a-zine…rejected cos the theme was “Be happy” and this one though started happy, went sour 😉


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Untitled – Why should all poems be titled?? This poem does not conform to usual standards…!!

The below six stanzas of poetry(???), I had scribbled in my cell phone editor mostly while travelling on train between Chennai and Bangalore in maybe 6-8 or more different journeys. Not knowing when, how and why to post it, I had just let it be in my cell phone drafts. And then two days back Megs (I call her Tigrrrrrrrrrr 😛 ) tagged me to a meme where it was required to post abstract poetry…each para not necessarily having any relation with each other. Wow!! Yay!! 🙂
That helped me give life to my otherwise caged-in-the-cell-phone, set of 24 lines…!! 😉 Thanks to Tigrrrrr, here I release those lines in your verandah of a mind.  

Btw, I’d like to thank all my readers and commenters for visiting this blog and encouraging me to carry on. I’m happy to convey that due to each of your constant visits, comments and support, the ranking of this blog has jumped 8 places up to #74!! 🙂 Three cheers to all of you and heartfelt thanks once again!! 🙂


I was falling apart…
Barely breathing with a broken heart….
It was you who took me in…
Is this a sign, for a life to begin…?

Life’s all about give and take…
There are lots of promises that we make…
We get to see happiness and pain, together somehow…
As once in life atleast, we are sure to fall in love…

In my sleep, well past midnight I saw her in my dream…
There we were choosing, the flavour of icecream….
I chose butterscotch while she ordered chocolate…
I had this feeling that she was just the perfect date!

All that binds us to one another is love…
Through thick and thin, every then and now…
To make it work, we undergo a lots of emotions…
It does pain, a lot when it ends in chaotic commotions…

Why don’t we get all that we ever dream?
Frustrated and unhappy, in whisper we scream…
Though we have eachother to offer our shoulders…
Yet why do even minor hurdles seem to us like mighty boulders..

You shine like a diamond in the sky…
Can I just hold you, close by?
With you by my side, time just does fly…
Stay forever beside me or just let me die…


Whoever is interested can take up this meme…But I’ll be tagging Amrita, Nayna and Raji.

Simple rules to this meme:

>The TITLE of the post should be the same as above!!!
> The tags should include poem-with-no-title 
> The poem should preferably be just random thoughts and abstract-ish


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[Blitz Poetry]: ALL over YOU!! :)


All over you

Bleeds her heart
Bleeds she over all
All coz of me
All coz of the pain
Pain given by me
Pain given by the one she loved
Loved unconditionally
Loved so very deep
Deep from within
Deep very much indeed
Indeed she’s the one
Indeed I was on the run
Run I did behind her
Run I did for her love
Love did heal
Love is what we felt
Felt it deep within
Felt it to finally get
Get over the pain
Get right back into the game
Game we so loved to play
Game that we love to give away
Away from her ah such a pain
Away from her I cannot be again
Again I whispered I love you
Again I made my move
Move not so innovative
Move not away she dared
Dared of the future to come
Dared of our life together
Together we were we shall be
Together are we she and me
Me certainly not a memory
Me not a flirt
Flirt and me poles apart
Flirt I just do not
Not all know your silent wink
Not all can see you rapidly blink
Blink the eyes we all do
Blink it not as you so well
Well you loved me as I am
Well you made me what I am
Am feeling so lucky
Am feeling like the chosen one
One love
One you
You are my heart
You are my soul

P.S: This is Blitz form of poetry of total 50 lines, wherein the first phrase can be anything. The next line starts with the same word as the first line. 3rd and 4th lines start with the ending word of line 2. Lines 5 and 6 start with ending word of line 4 and so on…The 49th line has only the last word of 48th line and the 50th line is only the last word of the 47th line…

Title is formed by taking the First word of 3rd line + preposition + First word of 47th line..

Pink_for_October More on this @


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[Build up to Valentine]: Rhymes for the heart! ;)

Hello Children,
Welcome to my class on Matured Rhymes! 🙂
Let me introduce you all to a student on detention, Mr.Mutalik. He has to clear this subject with not less than 100%, else there’s gonna be no bailout! 🙂


Beau Beau Beautiful She (Baa Baa Black Sheep):

Beau, beau, beautiful she,
Do you know any fool?
Yes sir, yes sir,
Three times fooled;
Once by my father,
And once by my mom,
And once by the lovely gal
Whom they call their daughter!
Beau, beau, beautiful she,
Do you love that fool?
Yes sir, yes sir,
All my life I will;
I’ve told my father,
And I’ve told my mom,
And I’ve told that handsome boy
To come and take their daughter! 😛

Beautiful Sally (Humpty Dumpty):


Beautiful Sally
Sat on a wall,
Beautiful Sally
Gave me a missed call;
My heart danced to the verses
And all that happened in the mind,
Couldn’t take me away from Sally
I was never the same again!

Twinkle Twinkle:

Twinkle, twinkle, my baby star,
Always I wonder how you are.
Thoughts of you, gives me a high,
Its like am flying aimlessly in the sky;
Twinkle, twinkle, my cutey star,
How can I live with you being this far?
Twinkle, twinkle, my sweet star,
Lets go on a long drive, in my car
Up along the highway so wide,
Like a rocket in the sky;
Twinkle, twinkle, my little star,
All I wonder, is where you are!

She and me (Jack and Jill):


She and me had a dollar bill,
Enough to buy a pail of water;
I fell down and broke my teeth,
And She came giggling after.
Up I got and to home I did race,
As quick as I could and faster;
Went to the dentist to fix me a brace,
And she gave that bill to the doctor. 😀

So children, end of this class. :mrgreen:


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#100 – Virtual Reality! :)


Alternating shades
Biting cold
City of opportunities
Dreams unlimited
Expectations within reach
Futuristic mindset
Going for the kill
Hoping against hope
Journey incomplete
Kingdom to build
Love to spread
Move over hurdles
Nothing shall stop
Oozing perspiration
Power awaiting
Quenching thirst
Raining pain
She by my side
Totally confident
Understanding compact
Visual impact
Wandering to win
Xbox virtual
Young and restless
Zero level cleared


This is a form of poetry, the name of which am not sure wherein there are 26 lines with each line starting with successive alphabets…A, B, C….X, Y, Z while depicting something meaningful! Over here, if you didn’t realize I am really in a virtual world…hence the title! 🙂

Actually each line can have only one word, but I customized that part! 😉

And by the way, this is post #100 all from the mind! :mrgreen: WISHES PLS! 😛


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