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One query~ What if a gal seduces?

He has a friend…She loves to ask questions…very straightforward and cut-throat! 🙂
She has a friend….He loves to answer questions…in a very straightforward yet crazy way! 😛

He is ME! 🙂


Today she had asked one out of the blue. I wasnt surprised. It helped me think, making me realize that my top floor is not yet vacant! 😉

Her question was a set of 3 sub-questions:

What would you do if a gal who is your frend, is tryin to throw herself at u…kinda seducing you??

What would you think of her?
What would your reaction be?

My answer:

Hehe…I love to answer such emosonal questions! 😛

Ok let me go through it in an analytical way as I would approach my coding! Obviously there would be bugs, so echoos me! 😛
So this gal is my friend…and she’s trying to seduce me…what would I do?
She’s just flirting or she wants to go all the way?

CASE I: If I somewhat have feelings for her –

Two possible logics:

1) I know her since a long time, but her urge is very much evident now – where “long time” >= 1 yr.
2) I know since a short while…and she’s trying to force herself on me – where “short while” <= 1-2 months
Logic 1: I would try to understand about the sudden change in behaviour…if she’s openly seducing, I would feel ok about it…but would ask queries…
What would I think of her? – I would think of her as someone who’s got so much used to me, that she thinks of having me for herself.
What would my reaction be? – As said, I would go with a lot of queries depending on how she seduces…if direct, then direct queries else I would beat around the bush…mainly due to the fact that I have known her for a year or more…I would not completely distance myself from her.
Logic 2: I would be surprised for what she’s suddenly upto in a short while of knowing her. I would still ask queries but wouldnt be as easy going as in Logic 1.
What would I think of her? – I would think of her as someone who has a strong uncontrollable libido. In short, a BUG.
What would my reaction be? – I would immediately stand at an arms distance. And ask her direct queries, without beating around the bush!
If logic 2 happens to continue in loop, I would terminate the program! 🙂
CASE II: If I have no feelings for her –
Ask a lot of direct queries…just to understand the urge!!
But finally terminate the program! 🙂
What do ya think? Am I executing the program correctly? 😛

Am waiting for her to test the program! 😉 What do you think?


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