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[Emosional Athyachaar]: Pink Panther! ;)

“Sree, why you always amidst gals?”
“Sree, how the hell do you manage to get ladies to read the crap you write?”
“Man…you are such a perfect example for magnetism! A Pink Panther!” 😛
“What is there in this post that gals liked? Tell me how to get women to read my posts, you A$$oul…!!!!”


These are some of the questions that I am asked by most of the people whom I interact with on a day to day basis, be it online or offline! 🙂 Even I am astonished, to the level that I do not have a pakka answer to these kind of queries…
To be frank, as you know I am no pervert who goes on to do stuff or write things, just to get to know gals/women or to get their attention. 😛 Once I get to know them, I flirt…thats a different story…! :mrgreen:

It is true that I have more of gal friends than guys if I sit and get my mathematics right! In my office too, its the same story. How? Why? I have no idea. 
In my internal corporate blog, I did an analysis. I took an average of the last 5 posts that I had posted. Out of the 45 different ppl who commented, 37 were ladies. Out of the 8 guys who commented, only 6 were regulars and 2 asked me one of the above mentioned questions.
I talk mostly to women in my household…be it my granny, mom, sister (include her friends too…) or aunts…where there’s no end to the talks!! I call my mom, its a minimum 10 mins call…if I call my aunt, min 30 mins….if I call a gal friend, its either too short or too long (depending on her mood! :D)…if any of these call me, its a missed call!! 😉
It’s not that I don’t talk to my dad or uncles, but our conversations are limited to sports/politics/business/money/cars! Our answers are like synonyms in a thesaurus…one word and to the point.

The office guys/gals who follow this blog also wonder as to how I managed to get more lady commenters than males. I seriously dunno. I did do nothing special! 😉 Most of my lady commenters here I presume didn’t visit this blog cos I visited their blogs first, but I bet its the other way round. But in case of most male bloggers who visit and comment here, I visited most of them first or they are my colleagues/friends offline.

So how do I answer those questions?
And who will answer if I ask those same questions to myself?

Some answers are best unanswered! 😉


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