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Happy New Year! :)

Its like some kind of tradition or whatever, that come end of the year and every third person inevitably ends up asking “So what’s your resolution for the coming New Year?”…I smile at them saying “I am yet to think of it, but anyways we don’t follow or go by it do we?” 😀 Sometimes I think “Resolutions” are the ‘last few lies one tells’ at the end of a year! 😉


So then as the New year is soon approaching, I thought as to well why not see what my resolutions could be…whether I follow it or not! So here are the things that are on the mind…whether thoughts turn into actions or not, the New Year will be the arena to witness!

The ones which are in my hands:
1) To stop sleeping long hours….say, yell at the alarm and get up at 6am.
2) Reduce weight, especially the fat thats built up at untoward places…say go early morning jogs (what else would I do getting up at 6am? :P)
3) Be active in helping out an NGO….talks are on, to gather a corporate support in this regard! 🙂
4) Start writing a diary (a dear friend has already gifted me with a lovely diary…so why not?)…and may be a book too (got a few friends who support this cause!)! 😀
5) To dream about becoming an enterprenaur, definitely not in the IT field. Hotel Management may be!

The ones which aren’t under my control:
1) To mediate a negotiation between my scalp and the hairs they hold. They need to come to an understanding and stick/stay together/attached. Else I may end up clean!
2) Get out of the current project, mainly cos am bored…its been 15 months already into this. Sheesh!
3) With respect to the BSE (Bombay Stock exchange), go green…if you know what I mean! 🙂
4) To get back to Bangalore, while staying put at the same job. Being at home would make this jack, a little more happier.
5) To live life in the most sensible and organized manner! 😛

Phew…very few ones in the mind, I know..but lemme first get a few of these few right! 😉

Have a great and wonderful new year to come….Happy New Year buddies! Have a blast!! Catchya then! 🙂


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Merry Christmas! :)

In a happy state, myself I find…
Jingle bells ringing, All in the mind…
Soft and sweet, the tunes are neat…
The foot’s tapping, to the virtual beat…

It’s Christmas, the day HE was born…
Time to beautify, and our life to adorn…
To open a new leaf, pen fresh thoughts…
And get rid of the useless what-nots!

Last night, was waiting for Santa to visit…
Then I messaged, querying if I was on his list…
Ho Ho Ho…he replied in real quick time…
“Ofcourse, else wouldn’t it be an animated crime?”! 😀

A week from now, we would be into the New Year…
Not where we are now in time, but further away from here…
Learning from whats happened, and unaware of in-store situations…
Wishing that everything’s gonna be alright, with a new set of resolutions! 😀


Wish you all buddies…a Merry Christmas! Lets hope we just happen to go Ho! Ho! Ho! 🙂


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