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[Poetry] ~ Shape of a Woman! ;)

Last noon as I was sincerely working in office, I decided to pull Raji’s leg and requested her to do a shape poetry…the shape being that of a woman…my specifications were 32-30-32 (well ya almost rectangular 😛 )!! But then as it usually happens with gals and me, Raji along with Tiger (she’s another item…I am so dead for this! :P) challenged me to do a shape poetry by friday! huh!!!

Friday was too far away to wait…and I decided to do it right away (will surprise them in the morning! 😉 )!! 😀

Here’s my first shape poetry, in the shape I love the best…The shape of a woman!! (Imagine her to have tied her hair back tight! 😛 ) 😉

Enjoy! 😀



Posted by on October 7, 2009 in Imaginative Bakwaas, poetry


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