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[Story-time]~Connecting the Bridge! ;)

“Hello good evening, this is Abhishek and how may I help you?”
“Hi Abhishek, can you please connect me to the US bridge no.? The number is…”
“Well…I will certainly connect you to the bridge, but before that can I know your project? By the way, you can call me Abhi!”
“O…K! The project is American Pharma and I’m already late for the call, Abhi…shek. Please connect at the earliest.”
“Right away, Ms…?! And what did you say your name is?” ”
Hmm…Can I speak to the supervisor?”
“Well, these are mandatory formalities before connecting to a call. My reportee is on last minute leave & I’m the supervisor speaking. Any issues madam?”
“Anita, that is my name. Please connect me to the call.”


Later that night on WhatsApp group – “LR”:
Anita:       You know what happened this evening? This guy no, tries to flirt with me.
Shireesh: way!
Anita:       Err, you don’t believe me?
Shireesh: Did that guy even look at you before flirting? :tongueout:
Anita:       No ya, this was on the phone.
Sound:     Lol…
Shireesh: Thought so! :tongueout:
Anita:       I had to connect to this important onsite call and this operator fellow asks me personal questions.
Sound:    First time connecting via operator?
Anita:      Ya, why?! :lookie: His voice sounded good though.
Shireesh: Aha! Hope he asked for your mobile number & home address?
Anita:      Why would he need that?
Shireesh: Just in case the call gets disconnected and he has to reconnect you??
Anita:      O…K! But why does he need my home address?!
Shireesh: Just in case, if things move forward.
Radha:    ROLF…wyh yuo pullign her leg mna?!
Shireesh: First time she spoke about some guy hitting on her, that too around Valentine’s. Must be a sign no?
Anita:       :monkeyclosingeyes: S***id I**ot, wait till I find something on you! :angrybird:
Shireesh: Haha…What if I find the operator before that?! 😉 😉
Radha:    And yuo are speakign as iff yuo knwow this guy! C*****
Sound:    Lol…
Shireesh: What if I really do? 😀

Meanwhile in another WhatsApp group – “Gunday!”:
Abhishek: You know what happened this evening? This gal thinks I am flirting with her.
Shireesh:  Haha…no way!
Abhishek: Err, you don’t believe me?
Shireesh:  Did that gal even look at you when you were supposedly flirting? 😉 😉
Abhishek: No man, this was on a damn call.
Mamman: Lol…
Shireesh: Thought so! :tongueout:
Abhishek: She had to officially connect to this stupid American bridge and wasn’t even giving me the basic details that I need to enter as part of the damn protocol.
Mamman: Definitely must be a virgin caller, dude!
Abhishek: Haha..STFU man! :tearswithlaughter: Her voice was lovely though, man! :smiley:
Shireesh: Aha! Hope you did ask for her mobile number & home address?
Abhishek: Why would I need that?
Shireesh: Just in case her call gets disconnected and you have to reconnect her??
Abhishek: You think I’d be snooping on her call eh, you idiot? And why do I need her home address?
Shireesh: Just in case, if things move forward.
Rahul:      Lol…why you pulling his leg man?!
Shireesh: First time he spoke about some gal and that too around Valentine’s. Must be a sign no?
Abhishek: :middlefinger: S**le, wait till I find something on you! :angrydude:
Shireesh: Haha…What if I find the bridge girl before that?! 😉 😉
Rahul:      And you are speaking as if you know this gal! Karamchand ki aulaad!
Mamman: Lol…
Shireesh: What if I really do? 😀


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“Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.”  ~From the television show ‘The Wonder Years’.

It was a rainy night…Fog slowly settling down the street, making anything hardly visible…

It was not a typical day; as the day threw up a lot of unpleasant surprises…I missed the morning bus…Sheetal didn’t prepare food nor gave me her daily morning hug…I locked up the car with keys inside…didn’t find an auto & almost walked 3 kms to get back home…what a tiring day…

But none of this seemed significant now…as it was nearing 11 pm & Sheetal was still not back at home…

I had called her office & found that she had long left…called her best buddy – Rangeen – only to know she hadn’t spoken to her that day…

I was racing up and down the worn-out corridor, in front of my house…not sure what to do….my eyes just wandered and settled at the corner…on the age-old clay pot, holding Sheetal’s favorite lavender plant.

It was at a small nursery in Delhi where my aunt sold her precious plants / earth ware…

Hmmmm ahhhh… I can still feel the smell of mud ….

It was around 10 am on one of those lazy Saturdays when after a lot of cajoling I agreed to watch the nursery for her, for a couple of hours…I being in my usual attire was lounging around with a chai mutka…when someone from behind just ordered me to take the lavender plant & place it in the car boot.

Raging with anger (as I was not used to being ordered at) I was all set to snap at the person when I saw that pretty face searching for the next plant to buy… Well…I was an eligible bachelor & kept myself upbeat with bollywood…there were the birds chirping…the snow falling….the person in front, in a white dress…slow ‘bahon mein chale aao’ playing in the background…my anger just turned to all smile…

As all good things come to a full stop – she said to me “Saman utao…Car mein rakho…abey madam-ji kab tak ayengi?” (Keep the things in my car…and when will madam come?).

She assumed me to be a servant/helper……..shiii……

The sound of the rain outside my house just brought me back to reality………….

I rushed inside and closed a few windows before they dared to spoil our low dhari bed…it was a red bedspread…Sheetal’s favorite one…still fresh with her smell…

I was at Fab India (a shop which specializes in home décor) to pick up something for my aunt (her 60th Birthday was a day away & I promised her that I will not only remember her Birthday but also surprise her with a gift).

My aunt was an integral part of my life…she had hardly taught me anything…but then I had learnt one solid lesson from her – “LOVE”…

She was a very tasteful person & home was where her heart was…so the best gift I thought was to give her something to deck her home up.

I picked up a beautiful dhari for her & was scanning through the shop to find her something else…I found a very beautiful wall hanging…satisfied…I headed to bill…

That’s when I realized the dhari I had picked was missing from the billing counter…

“Sir I think there is some mistake – that madam just paid & bought the dhari….

I saw her (for the second time) walking back to her car ……

I was sweating badly & realized it was because of the power cut…and thanks to our neighbor’s generator…at least few things were visible around…I walked through to the dining area & lighted a candle…

It was my aunt’s birthday the next day & I thought it was not a great idea to wake her up in the middle of the night…but some of her friends didn’t think so.

There was a loud cry from her room that got me up in a jiffy & I raced over there in my boxer shorts.

My aunt was on the verge of tears with a piece of cake in her mouth & the red dhari in her hand!

Sheetal had pooled in some of our common friends & had surprised aunty. ..well and me too as I was standing in front of few good looking girls showing my bare body & well shaped biceps… (Thank god I went to the gym last evening 😀 )

I thanked all my gods, as I could afford that AC – it switched itself on & was pushing that cool breeze towards me…

It was a Saturday night and I was late as usual – jumping into my jeans and pulling over a T…I vrooooomed on my bike as fast as I could…My mind was preparing me on all valid reasons I could tell her…

“My aunt wanted me to be home”…Nah she’s not gonna buy this one.

“I met someone I knew on the way”…So? What’s the big deal? How can you be 1 hr late???

“Hmm….I met with a small accident on the way?” No no…not such a big lie…

She was there in front of our usual meet up place in her blue kurti & matching bag…ahh…why does she have to look so awesome today?!!

Sheel…I am sorry …slept & woke up 10 min ago!

There goes her chubby cheeks…ooffffo…just love the way it turns blue…orange …& finally red!

With a final glare she was on the rear seat of my best pal – my bike…it was a dreamy experience to take her on my bike…with the cool breeze pushing her hair away & her face lighting up every time our eyes met on the mirror.

We reached our destination & cuddled up in a cozy corner of that small hotel – a table just for the two of us.

Both of us were foodies…so when it came to eating, we meant business…& kept our mushy mushy talks away for sometime…We discussed cricket, movies , the Mallya’s, the Ambani’s & finally our dessert arrived…the ever inviting Eden Special Dessert…

I was jolted to reality by a growling sound…that was coming from my body…the rats in my stomach were playing baseball…I was terribly hungry…and thirsty…

I picked up a chilled bottle from my fridge & had a gulp…wow…water tasted sweeter than ever…

With 2 days to go for our wedding…I took Sheel for a private ride…I wanted to take her to this place for quite a long time now…but as things were moving at a maddening pace between us we hardly had any time to breath 😀

I used to frequent this place when I was in college – a serene hillside water body…can’t call it a water fall though…a small valley between two small hills…with water pouring at its own pace…a place full of flora & fauna…
Her eyes sparkled as she went near the water…I would say she thoroughly enjoyed it…and that’s what I wanted too…

I bent down went on my knees with a small diamond ring in my hand & asked her “Will you marry me?”

I could hear heavy lighting…thunderous downpour…& a lot of pain………………………………

I now heard a voice…the voice which I had wished to hear since long…

And as the voice came closer & closer…I could barely see anything as if I was totally blinded…and then I saw some of it…some light!

I woke up with excruciating pain…in an unimaginable state…but I smiled…as I felt safe…felt at home…

As Sheel bent down & kissed me…I could see a few of my close friends as well as my aunt…who had prayed all night that I should be safe…No one ever believed, that I would be alive after that massive an accident.

As for now, more than anything I loved to be in the company of Sheel…& asked her again, “Will you marry me?” 🙂

Bhairavi – the author of this story – is a very good friend of mine. 🙂


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[55-Fiction]~Aayi Woh! :)

This time a 55F in Hindi…

Aayi Woh

Uske aane ki raah mein, main najaane kitne dino se kar-raha tha intezaar…
Aana tha usko par aayi kyun nahi, ho-raha tha dil ye bekaraar…
Akela tha main, badh-rahi thi garmi…
Naa chain ki neend, naa thi uski chumban ki narmi…
Aakir mein usko bhoolne ki, ki maine koshish…
Kambaqt dil ko maanaane, aayi woh…Baarish!

Dedicated to all those who love rains and specially to those who love to get drenched to the core, like me!! 😀

Updates on BPL: “The Inscribed Tribe of which I’m a proud tribal, topped the Super 6 round!! The results were out this evening!! 🙂 You can check the results at Cafe Ginger Chai (link: HERE) 😀

Three Tribals, individually topped in the 8 given topics:

1) Gyanban’s UNBRIDGED

2) Guria’s SCARS and

3) Your’s Truly with KISMAT DIS-KONNECTION 🙂

YAY!! Time to do some Jinga-la-la dance around the fire!! 😉


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[55-Fiction]~Click, Flick and Talk! :)

The Click

He was sitting at his desk, wondering what to do…

It was too late already and he wanted to convey it right away….

He knew that there was no other way to tell her, that he was over with it, with her…

He looked around to see if anyone cared…

He put down his papers.


The Flick

He looked around to see who was standing where…

He grinned a little to the nearest man, gesturing that he didn’t care…

He had stood his ground until he saw the tall man come running towards him, with a delivery in hand…

Having no choice, he knelt down and sent it out of the stand…Six!


The Talk

She sat on a bench, shared by a few…

As he stood on the long queue, waiting for it to move…

A lovely evening, together they’d wished to spend…

But they hadn’t expected, each having to be at a different end…

Separated, their eyes spoke in lull…

Till they met again inside, lights being dull…


These are my first attempts at 55-Fiction…Lemme know how I fared! 🙂


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That day he cried!!! :’(


I looked at him lovingly as I had alwaya done, ever since I had met him. Sitting on a sofa at the corner of his drawing room at this hour of the night, he looked as if he was lonely and lost into some thoughts. I remembered the day I had met him, our first time. I was introduced to him about 2 years ago by my best friend Anu and though our meeting was totally accidental, it did turn out to be absolutely magical.

I had then, just completed my 3rd year in Engineering and was looking forward to the placement season which was about to begin in my college. Anu was very much excited about this as she had managed to convince her parents about her decision to work for about 2 years before they could finally plan to get her settled.

“Hey Sonu, it was indeed a struggle to convince the elderly brats at my place”, exclaimed Anu jumping around.
“Oucch”, I cried out loudly as she jumped on my left foot!
“Ooops sorry, am excited”, she said as she apologized.
“Hey that’s nice, now you’ll be able to concentrate well for the company thats visiting 3 days later”, I kind of reminded her of how little time we had to prepare for the MNC that was coming down on Monday.
“Yup…Let’s meet up at your place tomorrow morning and hit it!” she said with the same excitement.
“Done sweetie pie. So see ya tomorrow morning then. I got to go shopping with mom. Bye!” I said as I started my Activa.
“Cya Sonu”, shouted Anu as she jumped once again! Gosh!
“You are late, Sonali. I was expecting you an hour ago”, my mom began with her usual ranting.
“Yeah, well it’s shopping time now! Let’s go to the Janta Mall first; I heard a discount sale’s going on there!” I reminded her, in the process diverting her mind off my being late. The word shopping did the trick for my mom and I must confess it does for me too! 😉

The next day I was woken up by a tornado, ya you guessed it right. Anu was jumping on my bed yelling at me to get up! I looked at my wrist-watch and goodness me; it was just 7:40am.
“Gimme 10 more mins, I’ll be up by then”, I mumbled.
“Get up you lazy chick; we got just 2 days to prepare for the written test”.
“Go have breakfast, I’ll be up and ready by then”, I tried to drive her out of my room. But the bug was still on my bed determined to get me out of the cozy blankets. It did seem like her next step would be to kick me down the bed, so before that would happen I decided to get up and ready!
We began our preparations and Anu came up with this idea of going to a pub to celebrate in case we both did get the MNC offer on Monday! I had never been to a pub, and so agreed hesitantly.

On Monday, we smoothly cleared the written test only to face the first interview of our lives. Anu being a smooth talker came out of the interview room with a big grin on her face. But I was still tensed as my turn was yet to come. Since we were called in alphabetically, I was one among the last few to attend the interview. But, there was an advantage in that. By the time my turn came, I guess the interviewers were tired themselves. I was asked very few technical and exactly four HR questions before they shook my hands and asked me to wait for the results!
When the results were out, we were both selected and it was now celebration time. But the idea of going to the pub had not completely sunk-in in my case. After the initial celebrations, Anu and I decided to go to the pub the next noon, so that we could get time to recuperate before getting back to our respective homes late in the evening!

The next day, me and Anu accompanied by another friend Ruchi went to ‘Heaven-o-Haven’ which was a decent pub far away from all our houses. We found a table right at the corner and settled down after ordering our first round of spirits! We got busy chatting and also giggling at the costume that the DJ had worn and at the kind of heart-breaking and loud music he was playing! And then we heard someone call out Anu.
“Hey Anu”, we heard that male voice again.
I turned back to look who that was, and all I could see was a lifted hand that was coming towards us. When the person came into picture, I was left speechless. Here was a man, tall and handsome coming straight towards us. It was definitely love at first sight for me.
“Hey Shirish, what a surprise?” Anu jumped again as she hugged him.
I was still staring at him, not realizing that he was now conscious of the fact that I was staring at him. Also, for the first time in my life I was jealous of Anu!
“Is your lovely friend alright?” he asked Anu.
“Hey ya, come let me introduce you guys”, saying this Anu offered him a stool in between me and her.
“Guys, this is Shirish my cousin! And Shirish, this is Sonali and she is Ruchi”, was how Anu did a one shot introduction, thankfully not jumping around this time.
‘Gosh! Cousin eh?’ I thought, as that brought a smile on my face and I shook hands with Shirish muttering a simple “Hi, Shirish”.
I was totally smitten by his looks and most importantly by the way he projected himself to be. I was surely in love with this man. We had a lovely time that day in the company of Shirish and our celebration turned out to be one memorable event!

The next day when I met Anu, I hesitantly asked her if she could give me Shirish’s cell number.
“Sure, here you go. 988*******. Don’t tell me that you have a crush on my adorable cousin”, she giggled.
“Am sure, its not crush”, I mumbled as I carefully stored the number on my cell.
“Well, well Cutie-pie, something is cooking here…Shirish took your number from me last night itself. Anything you gotta tell me?” she was at her teasing best!
“Is it? Did he ask you for my number? And did you give it to him?” I enquired.
“Oh, I shouldn’t have given is it?” she mockingly enquired.
“I didn’t mean that, but did you really give it to him?” I once again asked to confirm, somewhat excitedly.
“Yes dear, I did give it to him. You two have fallen for each other, haven’t you? I’ve no doubt about that”, she said as she started ticking me.
“Hey nothing like that”, is all I could say to deny as I ran for cover.

A few days later, I did get a message from Shirish and I was excited as much as I was surprised. His first message to me read, “Hey Sonali, Shirish here. Got your number from Anu. So how are you? Hope you don’t mind me messaging you”. And then began our series of messages which made us come close to each other. I knew I had fallen for him, and I also knew through Anu that he was always talking and asking about me to her. In short, we both had fallen for each-other. It didn’t take much time for us to graduate from messages to calls and then to personal meetings. Shirish was 4 years my senior and well placed in an MNC and thanks to Anu and her family, my parents had no problems in accepting him as their future son-in-law. Things were all in place for us, and it was just a matter of time.

I was now waiting for my final year results as well as for my joining date when Shirish had to go to the US for an onsite assignment on a year long basis. He said he didn’t feel like leaving me and going for that long a time, but I did convince him to grab the opportunity he had got. He reluctantly agreed and it left both of us with a heavy heart! Our parents decided to get us engaged before he left the next weekend. We got busy with preparations and shopping that we didn’t realize how fast the time flew by. Our engagement was a simple but joyous occasion with a gathering of friends and close relatives.
The next day he was supposed to leave. Shirish, Anu and I went to the same pub just to have a memorable farewell. And we did enjoy amidst this hard to express gloomy feeling!

Finally the day dawned, and as I helped him in packing we looked at each other. There was so much to say, but not a word was uttered. I wanted to be with him and he too seemed not so interested in leaving me behind. I then went to drop him at the airport 2 hours before he could board his late night flight. We sat at the airport quietly holding our hands, praying that one year would fly by in the shortest time possible! My eyes were fully moist, but he being not the one who cried somehow managed to hold on to his emotions as we bid farewell to him!
We did keep in regular touch through daily mails and once in a week calls till I joined my company 6 months later. It was then easy for us to keep in touch through both mails as well as daily calls.
He got busy with his work and I was busy with my training schedule, yet we managed to find time for each other. My four month long training came to an end and I was then allocated to a project. Again a two-month on-the-job training was scheduled. I waited for this training to end, as that would not only complete my training but also mark a year of Shirish’s voyage. He would be back 66 days from now. I was counting days, and was waiting for the time when I could start counting seconds.

Ten days before Shirish was supposed to come back, my team members planned a weekend tour to a nearby coastal location. We all, totally 8 of us left for the tour and enjoyed every bit of the moments that came our way! When we were on our way back, it was raining heavily and the driver of the Qualis in which we were traveling was not able to control the vehicle properly. We asked him to stop at the roadside and wait till the rain subsided. But he insisted that he could manage and started driving at a slower speed. We had not gone long, when we met with an accident with a truck that was coming in the opposite direction. We all yelled at the top of our voices as the truck driver who had lost control totally, crushed into us. That is the last memory I have of being in aware of myself.

I do not remember anything that has happened after that. I am now feeling much better as if nothing had happened to me at all. But the way Shirish is sitting on the sofa of his drawing room and sobbing past midnight, makes me feel guilty of the fact that I’ve made him cry. Not only that, he’s making me realize the fact that I have died. I’ve not see this before, but that day he had cried.

PS: I wrote this way back in 2007…re-posting it from an old dormant blog…hope you guys liked, the narration from a gal’s point of view. Let me know! 🙂


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Monkey tales – Sanju and Me! ;)

“I wish that I turn invisible, right now and right here.”
I was being ushered out of the classroom, into the emptiness of the school building corridors with a long cap on my head. The cone-shaped cap made of today’s newspaper, popularly known as the ‘monkey cap’ was a stamp of embarrassment for the most innocently committed crime within the four walls of the classroom. It was a “rare honor” which no hardcore criminal could even dream of achieving. I was the chosen one this fine sunny day, kneeling out on my knees carrying all crap that happened around the world the previous day, on my head. I looked around with nervous embarrassment-filled energy to see if anyone was watching or laughing at me…or worst, offering to read the news decorated on my cranium…

‘If I see someone, I will close my eyes’…I decided with a deep breath…

“Hey, you”…I heard someone call me…
Half-heartedly, I turned to my left and what I saw brought back that lost mischievous smile on my face.
“Shall I read the news on your head?” I offered, as I had to the chosen few till yesterday instantly overlooking the very fact that this time round I was at the receiving end too.
“Let me do the honors for you too then”…he said bringing me back to reality.
“Hi, Sanjay here…call me Sanju…first time eh? My second cap!” 🙂
I felt a lot better to have some company…”Whoa…yeah debut…I’m Shirish…and err…call me by that name only…btw, what did you do?” I looked around.
“Threw a chalk at a guy in the first bench….it hit Rebecca ma’am on her back…dunno why, but she got angry….it doesn’t pain you know…” he went on…
“I scribbled – follow me – on a paper and stuck it on the back of Sonali’s shirt…she cried man, like a baby….and that too loudly, so I am here.” I interrupted.
“Haha…cool…I think it’s for the first time in this school’s history that two of us are being capped on the same day…isn’t that awesome to be a part of history?” he seemed excited as if his mom had approved him of his girlfriend.
The prospect of we being declared – a pair of monkeys – seemed scary to me though…
“Are you nuts? What if we become THE HEADLINES in our school’s monthly newsletter? It’s such an embarrassment…” I was almost seeing my bleak future.
“Don’t you think we can use this opportunity to gain some popularity? It would help us garner some votes for next year’s house captain elections…you contesting too right?” his enthusiasm would have put Kareena’s character in ‘Jab we met’ to shame…
I loved his optimistic approach…It was like the marketing idea of ‘convincing the customers to buy something they know that they don’t want’! 😉
“Awesome buddy…I love your idea…which house are you contesting for? Hope we are not pitted against each other…am a Sushrutha!” I bit my lip…
“Nah…I’m a Panini…Let this platform be where we start our campaign from…laugh with people who laugh at you today, the same ones will remember you when its their turn to vote” he said with no second thoughts!

As someone said “”It’s by chance we met…By choice we became friends.”

No one could ever know me
No one could ever see me
Seems you’re the only one who knows
What it’s like to be me
Someone to face the day with
Make it through all the rest with
Someone I’ll always laugh with
Even at my worst I’m best with you, yeah

I’ll be there for you…


“Old friends” happen as you pass time with them and I made this life-long one 14 yrs ago while kneeling down on that dirty rough unpolished corridor with a monkey-cap on my head…but it has made me learn so many valuable lessons all along the way like:
a) The first impression is not always the best one…Sanju’s idea of converting an embarrassment into an agenda of campaign was a master stroke…sadly it happened to be his last one as far as I can remember.
b) Barking dogs seldom bite…Sanju was almost in tears when others laughed at us during the later half of the day, which somewhat seemed to be the longest ever day we spent in school till then. But he won the elections…who said its not nice for a man to cry!! 😀
c) He’d always be there for me….no matter how many times, I told him “Sanju, look beta…when I’m alone talking to Shilpa, just back off” – he’d always be there…Over the time, I made sure to return the favor! After-all, what are friends for?! 😉

Sanju was a nut…that went loose quite very often. He couldn’t help but fall in love with his teachers…no way, did he bunk any classes no matter how sick he was….
And then in our final year high school came in Avantika….
I hated Avantika…not cos she had the name of a vamp in some soap that would run on television a few years later, but cos she was “humidity personified” – hot and irritating! I just hated her….but am now thinking of reasons as to why I was so judgmental about her then! 😉
When Sanju fell in love with her for a change, I was sure he would soon fall from greater heights and hurt his ego, if not his back…He could script a love story, but acting in it was not his cup of tea.
Sanju joined the wolves and began hunting Avantika in packs…One thing he realized much later was that she was like a blood-sucking vampire in-disguise…I encouraged him all along to go for her…err…so to say, I wanted to see how a dawg  would perform amidst a pack of wolves! 😉
Sanju quit, when he was deeply bruised…as expected his ego was hurt….but soon he forgot the pain, the insult, as he fell again…in love…this time it was Salma, our new replacement science teacher….and this time, Sanju was not alone… 😉


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