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The Phone Call…

It was pretty dark out there and the ceiling I was staring at wasn’t visible at all. Having succumbed to an unusual power cut, I was lying on the floor and the phone rang. It was the landline and I hated it when someone called on that. What was the cell phone for? I had to now get up, go and check who was calling. I hated it when they played around asking me to recognize their voices as if it were of Amitabh or Lata and which if I wrongly did, would be reprimanded for. I swore a hundred times over, before answering the call.


Ah…that was Dita…Anandita Chawla…


“Hello…I’m in a very bad state…can we meet up?”

“What happened?? Sure…”

“Will tell when we meet up…how about early tomorrow morning, by the beach side?”

“Ya, that’s fine, but why not now??? Where are you??”

“Nah…it’s too late right now…I’ll be fine till then…don’t you worry…I promise to see you tomorrow!”

“What are you talking about…I mean why are talking like this?? Tell me please…”

“It’s a long story…will tell you in person.”

“Where you are? I’ll be there right now…I’m so worried now…”

“Nah…Sammy…Nah… listen to me…tomorrow morning, at the beach…6 am sharp…ok?”

“Hey c’mon…you think I’ll be able to sleep now?? Huh…Why not now Dita?? Why not now??”

“It’s not that easy for me to tell everything on the phone Sammy. I’m upset with all that has happened with me over the last 24 hours…I’m terribly shaken by it all that I now need some time to rest but…”

“What happened?”

“…but I needed to tell you that I’m gonna be alright and so the call.”

“What the hell happened, Anandita?”

“Sammy, please try to understand…I’m not at my best right now to share the details of all that has happened with me…understand my incapability and meet me tomorrow at our usual spot.”

“You bet. But I’m skeptical about me getting sleep anymore…hmm…but as you say, we shall catch up tomorrow morning.”

“Bye…and try to sleep Sammy…Sorry, but I had no one else to fall back on.”

“It’s fine Dita. Do take care of yourself. Bye”

What had happened with Anandita? Why was she so petrified and about what? What would she have gone through? I had no clue…Whom do I ask about it? I knew no one related to her. Nor did I know any of her friends personally, to have their contacts. How will I sleep with so much of stuff on my mind? I was now profusely perspiring in the dark and there was no sign of the power cut coming to an end.
Just then I heard another ring. It was the cell phone this time displaying my housemate Shirish, on the line.

“Hey Rish…”

“Yo Sam…I’m on the way to my hometown man. Just wanted to tell you two things: 1. Don’t forget to keep the milk in the fridge and 2. The landline is dead man, get it repaired.”


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[Funtakshari]~This is how we met…

This is how we met…
…though I haven’t told you guys the story yet!

And well…the story is yet to be scripted by the power up above. But anyways, let me picture how it could turn out to be. Common, a little bit of futuristic thinking won’t hurt… 😛

“Son, you will have an arranged marriage when you grow up…just like how daddy to marry me” – I was told, when on my 4th birthday I insisted (read: COL-ed = Cried Out Loud) on making the cute double pony tailed Aisha sit next to me.

That was not the only time. I had to hear that time and again, almost every time I took a gal’s name out of my big mouth, where secrets seldom settled.

In 7th standard – “What kinda punishment is this? Making you sit next to a gal? Son, you remember na? When u grow up, you will have an arranged marriage like your daddy!”

After my 10th standard convocation photo was clicked, I was quickly reminded that the gal who stood next to me was not the one for me – “Son, you are too young to choose the right one!”

My 11th and 12th went by in silence – literally – as I was admitted into an all boys pre-university college.

During the engineering, as I practically experimented (in the labs) with my female partner, my consciousness projected on my mental screen a projection of mom advising me – “Son, either you do the experiment or watch her do it. Do not hold the same wire together, there would surely be a short-circuit…remember, we have the responsibility of arranging your marriage!”

“Mom, I got selected at campus…and the lady who selected told me I was very good”…
“Son, remember…you will have an arranged marriage when you get some experience…by the way, congrats and all the best”

“Mom, the batch owner told me I would make a good batch representative…she also said…”
“Son, remember…you will have an arranged marriage…batch representative eh? nice…is she a senior?”

“Mom, I got allocated into my first project…the lady manager was…”
“Son, remember…you will have an arranged marriage whenever you are ready…manager too eh??”

“Son, you are now experienced enough at work to get settled in your life. The time has now come for me to arrange you a bride…”

“Ok son…so here are two pics…choose one”
“But mom, why do I have to choose? I thought you will arrange one!” :O

“Son, your horoscope has matched with Neeta’s. Do call her up tomorrow and see if she would like to meet you. Our responsibility of arranging, ends here…rest is up to you both!”
“What? Call her and say what? That mom asked me to call you? And then what?”
“Common son, you know and talk to a lot of gals don’t you?? what is the problem now?”

So there I am now…with a girl’s phone number in hand…not sure what to talk about, on calling.
“Call son, call…we are there for you…all the best…we are here only…gives us the good news!”

“Hello, is that Neeta?”
“Ya speaking…”
“This is Sreeram here”
“Hey hi dude…”
“How are you doing?”
“Chillin out man…how about you?”
“Err…eh….yes me too, yes yes…”
“So…well…by the way…you know…actually…anyways…”
“You wanna meet me?”
“Yes…my mom wanted us to meet”
“You didn’t?”
“Hmm…yes yes me to…yes yes”
“Ok how about tomorrow, 7pm at Baristas?”
“Ok done…bye”

As I turned back, there were 2 sets of full fledged smiling faces…
“Arranged no?? Arranged no??”

So there I was next day at Baristas…exactly at 6pm…practising a few lines I had scribbled on my cell editor….
This was not just another gal that I would be meeting, for the first time…but if we get along, chances are that we might have to get along all through the rest of our lives. It was simply scary…not her, but the thought and the situation.
I had three cups of strong black coffee in the next one hour or so, while memorizing those scribbled lines…

And quarter past 7, she walked in….

This is how we first met…
…though I haven’t told you guys THE STORY yet!  😉

Disclaimer: The story in this post, is part imaginary and part – that of my cousin…especially the phone call and the barista meet. And yeah as usual, the imaginary part is in excess! 😉

PS: This is my installment write up to the on-going Funtakshari…at my internal corporate blog…For the unknown, Funtakshari is the written form of Antakshari which we guys are innovating on…Where in the last line of the previous post, is the first line of the current post.


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And I Kissed Her…

The gang was at my place working on the next album.

Naren, you start with the keyboard. Ramya, you too start singing along once the first stanza is over. Chandru, you start with your violin and by the time we hit the second stanza, I shall start singing. Shammeer, you just maintain your own rhythm. Okay now. All set. 1…2…3…4…Siva explained too much about the intricacies of the second song.

So now, you know who all make up our music band. We are real life characters…yes, alive and rocking. 😀

Well…I’m what I’m. Good at what I do, but lazy and care-free. And I must confess that I was in it only for Ramya. She was the only motivation behind having these freaks at my place. For the record, she was my girl…hmm…to be…

Inside the small room on the terrace which we had set up as our practice-cum-recording room, I was standing with my keyboard just behind but next to Ramya, watching her all the while as she repeatedly set her step-cut hair behind the earlobes, giving me a clear view of her lovely face. Ah! And each time as I fell in love with her, my fingers danced on the keyboard. Bliss!

During breaks, Chandru usually would tease her about me and all that he got back from her as a reaction – was a smile. Let me tell you…there was something about her smile. Call it mysterious, MONALISA, magical, confusing or even haunting. But there was something about it…

A simple yes or a heart-breaking no, would have put things in the right place, but then no…Fate wanted me to hang on to her smile, like a cat on the wall – imagining which side to jump.

Naren, where’s your mind loitering? Again dreaming eh? Play it on cue, dude…” on the microphone crooned Siva adding on to his ******s (that too in good rhythm, must say), as Ramya turned behind – looking at me, with the very same smile on that full-moon of a face. Ah! Bliss!

I have to admit, it was insulting. Yes, I was lost looking at her and missed more than a key. But trust me; it is hard to concentrate playing something as trivial as a well practiced note, when you have such a beautiful girl around.

Finally I delivered what they wanted, before it was time for us to pack up. Except for Ramya and Chandru, all of them left for the day. Chandru stayed back on purpose, just to irritate me (he did that, all the time…even now). There’s no swear word, I’ve left unused for him – but I’ve now come to understand that he’s kind of immune to those. As Ramya asked me for a glass of water, Chandru announced that he wanted to watch a movie. #$%^&*!!!

Cursing my fate, I went down to get her water. I saw a way out of this, as I passed by the electric switch circuit board. On the way back to the terrace, I silently slipped the main fuse into my pocket. Passing on the water to Ramya, I gave a glance at Chandru signaling him to get out immediately. Maybe guessing that my next step could prove fatal, Chandru bid us a happy goodbye. Bliss!

(I went down to see off Chandru and back on the way up, put the fuse where to it belonged.)

Ramya, too wanted to leave right after – but I held her back, by her hands and hinted that it might rain anytime. It was a sunny day, but then there are certain times when God happens to play God – and that day was one of those times. Amidst the rays of the scorching sun, it drizzled beautifully and in no time, there was a rainbow. Bliss!

Ramya, I’ve composed something for you…and when I thought about you…I could only play on white keys of piano…for strange reasons, I just couldn’t hit on the black keys!” I made my musical move, the one with which I’m good at. With utmost concentration and closed eyes, I played for her a freshly composed tune…Oh! That feeling must say, was divine!

I opened my eyes as I ended the rendition, and found her sitting very close to me – breathing light, smiling bright. By the way she was looking at me; she seemed to be completely floored by my dedication. She told me how good the composition was, how smooth the music was and then she took a trip to her 8th standard stories…but I heard not a word…I was in my own world…I was not even aware, as I leaned forward and kissed her light, face to face.

Looking back now, it seemed to have happened so fluently…as if I was an expert…but must confess, it was my first kiss. 🙂

There was a silence…she looked down for a while, before looking INTO my eyes. I didn’t know what to say, or what to expect from her side.
All kinds of thoughts were running in my mind (of course from all the movies, I had seen till date!!)

*Will she scold me?*
*Will she curse me and leave?*
*Will she stop talking to me?*
And even an optimistic *Will she start a kiss, afresh? Wouldn’t that be a sweet revenge??!!* 🙂

The silence was about to kill me, when I heard myself say “Ramya…”
She replied “Naren…” in an even more feeble voice…

After a deep breath and a silent pause, she continued “Naren, can I have some coffee? Freshly filtered and strong, please…??

Not having expected this (at all), I nodded my head and got her some coffee – just as she had asked for.

She seemed to enjoy her coffee, looking outside the window at the sunny rain…and I heard her whisper… “Thanks“…loud enough for me to hear…

I asked “What?”…

Thanks”, she replied again.

Strange as it was, I asked her…”For the coffee…?

She smiled back at me. Bliss! 🙂


Note: This is the translation of the 5th chapter of the book, Ranam Sugam. Story was originally written by Shammeer in Tamil, as a third person narrative. I present it here, from Naren’s point of view.


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…and that killed the blogger…

He did what he knew he was good at. He wrote to her on his blog. That was the only way in which Shirish could express himself to her. He was never the kind to talk to girls in person. He had ended up stammering and being speechless every such time, embarassing himself. He referred to her as “Nee” (you) in his posts. His heart controlled his fingers as he typed each and every emotion of his, for Nee…

She sat in the very next cubicle…her monitor facing him. She smiled back each time Shirish smiled at her, but they never got to talking. Andrea liked the handsome and smart him, but wanted him to make the first move…unaware of his limitations. But she read every emotion, that he posted on his blog. She was his dedicated reader and loved his posts to such an extent that she even dreamt of him reading those out to her in person. By the situations that he wrote on and the emotions that he captured in his posts, she was pretty sure that it was about her. Yet she commented on those posts with her usual tinge of ignorance. All that she now waited was to hear this flow of emotions from Shirish himself. But the Sun never seemed to rise from the west, so as to say.


Shirish would post on a daily basis, his feelings for her in the form of a prose when elated and as poems when otherwise. But she loved it all, for the attention that she got. Everytime a new post alert popped up on her screen, Andrea would rush to read and comment immediately…what with his blog, being very much next to her screensaver.

Nikita, Shirish’s teammate who sat next to him was Andrea’s very good friend but she was unaware of the virtual chemistry going on between them. It was thanks to Nikita that Andrea initially became aware of Shirish’s blog.
“You know what? I think Shirish has a crush on me…cos every post of his talks about some “Nee”…And though he hasn’t confessed, I guess its Nikita….meeeeeee…His write ups are soooo romantic…blah blah…”…it was after this, that Andrea had started following Shirish’s blog…

As days passed, comments started pouring into his blog mostly from gals who wondered about who “Nee” could be, some who knew him even wondering like Nikita if it was they themselves. These very gals would rush to be the “first” to comment on his blog, each time Shirish posted. Such was the madness to be the first to comment, that people commented even before they read his post….and that left Andrea jealous and furious.
“Why do I feel jealous and angry for trivial things like these stupid gals commenting first on his post?” she did think, but only for a moment before she instantly yet furiously locked her system and accessed out of the bay.

Being in close vicinity, Shirish was a witness to all her internal fury and he for reasons unknown liked what he saw. To create this situation, he sometimes posted when she was not in her cubicle. He knew of jealously as another form of expressing love. He deeply wished that she would come and talk, something which he himself lacked in.

It broke his heart…the last two posts had been been read by her without commenting on them. Though there was no one else who would beat her in terms of ‘user visits’, her not commenting cos she couldn’t be the first one to do so was like a virtual backstab…much more painful though.

Andrea on the other hand was more interested in what others, especially the gals commented on his blog and more importantly how and what he replied back to each of them. Girls openly flirted with him asking if they were his “Nee”, and Shirish answered them vaguely taking care of not hurting any of them but on the other hand, never letting the cat out of the bag. 😉 And to her, it seemed that he tried to please and flirt with every gal that commented.  She would still smile back when Shirish did as they passed by eachother, but there was now this uneasiness that was seemingly building up!
Nikita, on the other hand was turning out to be pain in the…mmm…neck…with her constant “Ooooo Shirish wrote this (and that), and I never knew he thought so about me!”, “Ouiiii maaa…did you read his latest poem describing my eyes…I never knew my eyes were so….whatever he mentions!”…Andrea now hated Nikita…hated her more for the excitement and happiness in her than as a person in particular.

Inspite of knowing all the happenings, Shirish did only one thing he knew how best to do. He wrote for Andrea, and captured all her emotions – the anger, the frustration, the jealously, the possessiveness, the unexpressed love, the pain – like never before…
With every write up that he posted…she now silently cried…she didn’t know the reason why, but she sulked. His posts were so emotional, so virtually realistic, so meaningful that she felt it had so much of her in them than she could ever see by herself. It was now kinda too much for her to take…too much of love was becoming a pain. Every post alert seemed like a bullet pumped into her heart. Perfectly executed, and bloody merciless! She couldn’t help but click on “Stop following”!

It left him shattered…as her reading his blog eventually reduced, as indicated by the user visits. With her now not following, he was unsure about putting down his feelings for her on his blog any further. He decided to end it all, with one last post….dedicated to the one he wrote for…his “Nee”…who now seemed like she was never THE ONE to be.

He didn’t know if she would read this last post…but he believed that in someway or the other Andrea would get a clue about this post, and then he had blind faith in Nikita to spread the news, unasked! [:P]

“(B)Logging off”

It was for you that I was born online…
You read me, like you understood the thoughts of mine!

I wrote for you, cos that was the best I could do…
To say so I feared, but you know that I did/do love you!

Time and tide they say, waits for none…
I cared for nothing, cos for me you were the one!

It is not the block that’s stopping me from writing…
But it’s the widening gap in between that is biting!

With a weeping heart, I write this last one for you…
Will smile as we pass by, but write no more as I used to do!

It’s only words and not my feelings, that seem to be drying…
Let me stop the flow once for all, before you decide to stop reading!

It’s not easy, but certainly not too tough…
Dunno if I’ll ever get back but for now, am (B)Logging off!

…and that killed the blogger…

PS: I know it seems like Shirish was more into his blog’s ‘statistics’ than that of ‘Nee’! 😉


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