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Se7eN – Saath Sach!! :)

“Even if you feel like crying, swearing, throwing punches… do all of them, but you are also to DO the tag” she said in the kindest way possible. I now think that was her way of requesting. Well, she gave a deadline of “10 days and 12 hours” to complete this tag. Guria couldn’t have been more kind (aur haan, I don’t deserve more too…woh bhi hey 😛 ) than this! :mrgreen:
Thanks G, for tagging. 😉

Disclaimer: Main Guria pe haath rakh ke kasam khaata hoon, jo bhi kahunga sach kahunga aur sach ke siva kuch nahi kahunga. 😀

1. I believe I’ve two personalities living inside of me. One – is this introvert who likes to keep to himself, is silent, a thinker, a ploy-master…and two – is an extrovert who is carefree, bindaas, thinks not much, is crazy and doesn’t bother much about anything or anyone. Two fears one for his predictable nature while One uses two for his own selfish escapisms. Point is – I’m as a whole confused.

2. I don’t like talking on the phone…friends often complain that I don’t call. I often ask them to call or to give me a miss-call or leave a text if they want me to call ‘just to talk’. And when I call or get a call ‘just to talk’, it goes on and on!! 😛

3. I talk a lot about God and philosophy…but I’m least religious person in my family. I rarely visit temples or any other religious places (In-fact I go over there to check out the architecture and carvings). Philosophy is my pet subject and I think it comes naturally to me. All I need is a pair of attentive ears to start music!! 😉 Nah…I’ve tried but I seriously can’t write about it…

4. I try to make light of whatever situation am in…or others are in. Most of the times (with others), it backfires but then me being just who I am, don’t stand to learn from it (to me its not a mistake, to learn…huh!).

5. I’ve a short term memory loss…not as severe as Ghajini had, but I have it at my own level. This makes me a poor reader…I can’t read novels…as by the time I come to the 7th page, I forget about the character. When I read Godfather, I made a note of all the character names on a sheet of paper for reference everytime I wondered – for instance –  who Santiano was.

6. I dunno if I’m good or bad at writing, but I’ve been on the editorial board of magazines and newsletters all through my academics as well as now. Be it in school, pre-college, engineering college (department level) as well as currently at office for the quarterly SAP newsletter. Its more fun editing than writing. And yes, I can’t edit my own post. I hate cutting off my own lines! 😉

7. I love being amidst women…of all ages…for I believe they are the best when it comes to listening (Oh! I forgot to say – I talk a lot!) as well as in gathering news (keeps me up to date). And yes, God has been kind to me on this front. Touch wood.  On the other hand, this has quite often than not lead me to face the wrath of jealous men/boys. But let me tell you this also…that those men/boys who have not been jealous have enjoyed the same “touch of God”! 😉


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Chance to throw brickbats at me! ;)

This is one of the most popular tags that are making rounds in the blogging circuit…its interesting compared to some of the boring ones…!! 🙂

It enables you guys, to kind of give me your feedback, share stuff as well as throw brickbats at me! 😉

A real good chance for those who visit but dont comment, to leave a trace behind! Would really appreciate!! Thanks!


1. Who are you?
2. Are we friends?
3. Something I have and YOU want?
4. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it?
5. Describe me in one word.
6. What was your first impression of me?
7. Do you still think that way about me now?
8. What reminds you of me?
9. If you could give me anything what would it be?
10. How well do you know me?
11. How do you see me in the future?
12. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn’t?
13. Are you going to post this in your blog and see what I say about you?


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An insensible drag of a sensible tag!! :)

Preeti tagged me some centuries ago, and since there were some wiring problems in the wireless section of my non-existing nervous department I went totally sane and it seemed an inappropriate situation and moment to pay heed to this tag. Nevertheless, the (dis)connection has been restored now and all hell has broken loose.
In short (circuit), I am now going to complete this tag in my own sensible manner. 😀

The tag:
Two questions in each category answer them and then tag your friends from the blog-o-sphere. (Simple enough right?)
Leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been tagged and you are all set.

So here I am… Opening wider an ever open mind….

Your oldest memories

My memory is strong when it comes to remembering the names of gals…When it comes to other matters, I cannot assure it to be as authentic!! 🙂
1) Junior school (On each day of me attending 2nd grade: 1991) – I used to love running behind MahaLakshmi…she was a cute mallu…those kajal/surma clad eyes even to this day I can visualize….her smile, made me want to brush my teeth daily…the cocunut (yuck!) oiled hair, used to make me go deewana…and I felt that I was lucky enough to be her friend, to run behind her while playing chor-police…I was always the chor who couldn’t run faster….who wanted MahaLaks to get tired? and why on earth wouldn’t I have liked to get caught by such a cute (‘hot’ was not yet in the syllabus then) policewoman…!! I now wonder as to who she is currently running behind!! MaLaks, if you are reading this…I bet that I still can’t run faster than those days…and ya, I brush my teeth everyday and not just eat the toothpaste!! God promise!! 😀

2) Pre-high school (5th grade: 1994) – It was a 5 minute leisure period…there used to be 6 vacant seats available on the merry-go-round for (25×4=100-48 gals =) 52 boys to catch…ok, let me cut the crap…only about 20 guys were interested in this deadly (read: stupid) dare…so these 20 would run to catch those available 6 seats under the watchful eyes of 4-5 birdies (the special ones)…the unlucky ones would have to push the merry-go-round….ofcourse, what a shame! 😀 On that D-day, I was lucky enough…and when the bell rang indicating the end of the leisure period, I got up to get off the still rotating merry-go-round only for the nail beneath the seat in front of me to poke and rip off flesh of the area just above my right knee cap. Ouch! I didn’t know what had happened…It was only when the birdies fluttered, and my cousin (who was in my class) pointed out, did I see my bloody leg and realize what had just happened.

3) High School (8th-10th: 1997-99): We had a Science cum Mathematics teacher, Salma (Miss, if you are reading this – you are the reason why we cleared high school with flying colors…rest of our antics were all were to hold our concentration intact! :D). Our day started from the time she was dropped by someone (her husband, but those days we never thought of him as her ‘woh’…how could our “Miss” be a “Mrs”?) on a scooter, till she was picked by the same one in the evening…Be it her perfume, her accent, her lecture (ok, her lips moving), her smile when we wished her…maasha allah!! 😀

4) Pre-university college (1999-2001) – I was (wantedly) admitted into an all-guys college…but being surrounded by 3 all-gals colleges didn’t allow me to feel less wild…So it was down the Brigade/MG/Residency roads of Bangalore that me and my friends learnt our most useful lessons in Biology, esp in Human Anatomy!! 😀 During this period, names were not asked…Whats in a name after all?
One gal looking straight into my eyes, had sarcastically dared to utter “Nice hair” refering to my all-curled Sachin Tendulkar like hair…only to be instantly asked “Where?”!! 😉

5) Engineering college (2001-05): Can’t pick a single gal…but there was THAT one!! And every moment around her, was like breathing in that vital oxygen…which moment can I choose? Each one is etched in memory!! 😛

What were you doing ten years ago?

Hmmm….in 1998, I was busy preparing for my 10th grade board exams…I played Truth-n-Dare for the first time on New Year’s eve at a friend’s place…And ya, I was slapped by a cute gal during one of the dares. Happy?? 😈

Your first thought in the morning

It’s 12:10 am as I write this now…So in the last 10 minutes this morning, I was thinking about the truth-n-dare fiasco…why she slapped? how she had slapped? What the slap had done to my cute cheeks? How the touch of her hands would have felt then? And finally what my reaction would have been? All in 10 minutes flat!! But she will be remembered…till the last breath!! 😉

If you build a time capsule what would it contain?

My laptop…a broadband connection…a few books which upgrade themselves after I am done reading…my old diaries…my dear and near ones…my friends…CCD wala vending machine for those thick dark cups of coffee…Series in DvDs like Friends, Prison Break, How I met your mother?, Heroes, American Pies, et al…Lots of chocolates…Health…Peace…Satisfaction…and loads (and cases) of high “spirits”!! 😀

This year…

I wouldn’t want to be more geeky than now…
I wouldn’t want to be more sane than now…
I wouldn’t want to be in the same job, city, state as now…
I wouldn’t want to be a year older than now…
I wouldn’t want to be single-n-happy-about-it as now…
I wouldn’t want to be in a position to re-write the above 5 points like now!! 😀

What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now?

Well…thats like 2022…added comes to 6…which is a multiple of my lucky number 3. So the year would be good I hope!!!
I would be like soon entering my second teenager year…forty-een!! 😀
Possibly taking piano classes with my 11 year old daughter…surely singing duets with my beloved…mostly bald, hip and happening…hopefully some growth of gray cells is reasonable from my side to expect…Crossed fingers, praying to be healthy with no non-curable ailments like BP, Diabetes and likes…With well developed senses of humor!! 🙂

I tag:

ISD (My ever dependable International tag bearer!!) 😛
AKB (This is much better than the last one I gave you…since u did that one, I hope u do this too!!!) 😀
Arun (Sketch the tag matey!!) 😀
Suj (The once-in-a-blue-moon blogger…get enlightened with this one!!) 😉


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Tagged again…quite a candid one…

This is my second tag over here…last one being the 123 book tag, tagged by Sanket…and this time, its Revs who pushed me into getting a little candid with this (self-damaging…a little atleast) tag!! Thanks Ms. Intellect!! 😀

Here I go:

6 whatever’s about me:

1) Inflation being on the higher side or not, fuel prices rising or not, recession approaching or not…just doesn’t matter to this crazy mind that I have. It just keeps running non-stop 24/7…don’t know why.
2) I adore kids, especially baby girls…don’t know why.
3) I dream a lot and interestingly remember each of the dream, but only for a short period of time…don’t know why.
4) I can remember the names of girls from my Kindergarten classes onwards, but when it comes to names of guys I go blank 80% of the time…I don’t wanna know why! 😉
5) I secretly love being the center of attention…but don’t know how to react when I’m one. Same situation applies while being elated…don’t know why.
6) I tend to make friends easily and most of them last long. Some just drift away and I don’t tend to stop them…don’t know why.
5 things I miss right now:

1) Playing chor-police with Mahi (Last played: On the last day of my 2nd grade). I loved being the chor (thief) who never missed an opportunity to get caught by the cute inspector Mahi. 😉
2) Scoring centums in Mathematics (Last scored: In 3rd grade…99 in 10th grade boards came nearest to achieving the dream). More than scoring centum, I loved the envious look on my closest competitor’s face.
3) Going down the Brigade road in Bangalore, bunking college classes just to get a glance our counterparts from the gals college. I loved the innocent flirting that happened, eye-to-eye.
4) Chai (Tea) at Amir-bhai’s theka at my engineering college backgate. I loved the combination of ginger flavoured tea along with high-fat, high-cholestrol half-boiled egg sandwich.
5) The only reason for choosing as well as attending the boring electives. The lady in Red. I just loved being in her vicinity.

10 things I wanna achieve in a decade:

1) Learn to speak technically using the right terminologies and not using the 5th grader grammar English as I tend to do now.
2) Get a post graduate degree.
3) Learn a foreign language…French, Italian or German…as well as an Instrument…Guitar preferrably.
4) Get out of this IT field.
5) Go on a trip to the himalayas at least, if not Switzerland…got to hold fresh snow.
6) Take up writing, professionally.
7) Take part in a marathon.
8) Be well settled in life…financially as well as emotionally.
9) Donate 5-10% of my monthy income…which now is very infrequent and seems impossible.
10) Give more than what I get (be it anything!)…I am trying hard now.

I have already done the 123 book tag so I am skipping it here. I tag the following people:

1) Sanket – Payback time buddy! 😉
2) Isd – My first international tag! pick it up buddy! 😀
3) Sujatha – haha…caught ya again!! :mrgreen:
4) Rahul – Just do it, but in your way! 😉


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Yesssss….I have been Taaaaagged!!!!!! :)

This word scares the shit outta me…Getting tagged by someone gives the feeling of being offered a complimentary noose just before one is hanged down the gallows!! But when I got this one from Sanket, I was quite suprised to see a simple one being offered to be taken to care of!!
Yesssss….I have been Taaaaagged!!!!!! 😀

Here are the 5 simple rules of the tag:
1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people, and acknowledge the person who tagged you.

And here is what I can offer (no no, I didn’t find the KS…someone flicked it with permission! ;)) you guys:

***He and Baba kissed on the cheek and he shook my hand with both of his. “Best of luck with the writing,” he said, looking me in the eye. His pale blue eyes revealed nothing of the thoughts behind them.***

The above excerpt is from Khaled Hosseini‘s “The Kite Runner“…Being a slow reader, I had not yet reached the page numbered 123 of this book. This tag made me break a rule of peeping into the future!! 😉
This book was presented to me by a good friend who became so engrossed into the lives of Amir and Hassan (the main characters in this book) that she is now a die-hard fan of Khaled Hosseini!! I have unconditionally loved it till the point where my book-mark stands now and I hope to reach its climax very soon!! 😀

Well to carry on the tag, I pass the baton to the following bloggers – whom I follow:
1) Sow
2) Sujatha
3) Jass
4) Pavithra
5) AKB

Guys…just do it!! 😉


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