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Of Page3, Mikaeel, Hitler and Mumbai!

When I read some of the news articles, I don’t know whether I should smile, laugh or just bang my head at some place! Those are the moments when the emotional juices get cocktailed within me and I end up not knowing how exactly to react. You may say, What the…ya say it common… 😀
But I do have my own reasons…picture these cases:

I The Single Sirens…
Recently on two different days, I read Page3 about the relationship status of two females who act in movies (can’t call them actresses, in any way)…these are the so called sirens or show stoppers in the movies that they act in.
Day 1 was about Kim Sharma (ya she’s the one who was in Mohabattein, but more famous for being Cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s mom’s naapasand! :mrgreen:)…She gave a statement saying “I am happy to be single”…gimme a break lady…happy should be the one who is lucky enough not to be her boyfriend/date. She also says she’s busy working and travelling…haha…whatta joke…busy with what (never heard of her being in any of the movies)…and travelling where?? to Malgudi?? 😈
Day 2 was about our very slim south Indian bombshell Namitha…out of no where, she announces that she’s single…till then, she was fixed on “I am not seeing any guy”…now that she is single, my mind tickles with the query as to “was she dating gals then??”!! Anything said and done, my roommate was happy that she was now available…I think its high time for him to realize that he’s not of the gender that she prefers. This is me and my perception! 😉

II The “Thriller” Conversion…
As the economy shook and there were turmoils happening all over the world, our Micheal “thriller” Jackson took to Islam and accepted the name of one of Allah’s angels – Mikaeel. Nothing wrong in this, as he first understood the religion – saw how his brother Jermaine Friday (who convereted to Islam in 1989) fared – and then one fine morning/noon/evening in this very month of November’08, he converted with the help of an Imam. Hope he now gets to understand the difference that exists between black, white and kids…
The popular sms doing the rounds on this – Why did Michael get converted to Islam? Well, it maybe to have a real reason for him to wear a Burkha to cover his face.
He’s loved women. He’s loved kids. So I would say, this conversion is much better than his going gay…with Micheal you never know! 😉

III ONE and only ONE…
Ah! Another one I just remembered reading was on Adolf Hitler, the German dictator. It seems he had just one nut down there, and the article that I read was about how some people (scientists and historians if I am not wrong) were actually elated and at joy proving this theory (so far) true. They proved the autopsy report right, based on one of the writings of Hitler’s doctor who had examined him pants down. In the write-up, the doctor seemingly amazed by his discovery wrote a whole page about something that wasn’t there!! Phew! 😛
For more on this, you can CHECK HERE!

This write up was to divert my mind of the various other life taking incidents that have happened in India in the past week:
1) Deep condolences from the bottom of my heart for all those lives lost in the worst terrorist attack that India faced at Mumbai for the last three days…
2) Kudos to the ATS personnel, NSG commandos and the Cops who fought the terrorists to save hundred of lives without worrying about their own safety.
3) Salutes to those individuals who sacrificed their lives in the process.

And ya…how can I forget to wish these…
i) Right Middle finger to the cowards who created this chaos and thought they would go back alive!
ii) Left Middle finger to Raj Thackeray (where the hell was he?? talks about Mumbai Nirman and stuff saala) and all those speech delivering politicians who didn’t waste time to gain some political mileage!

By the way, the cyclone “Nisha” which took over 50 lives and disturbed the living lot in here at Chennai seems to be over for now. Though there are intermitent rains, its all ok my friends!! 😀


A pic of the water logged road from my 3rd floor flat.


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The END…of life…give a thought!!!

THE END…of life…!!!!

Have any one of you ever thought about how that could be?
Have any one of you ever wondered if that is even possible?

Well its about time I guess…not that you can do anything significant enough to change the situation, but I bet that you would love to be one among those people who prolonged this inevitable process. All you would have to do is educate the people around by making them aware that whatever they are doing these days could unknowingly lead to what could happen in the days to come…Karma…!! Make them aware of the simple situation that if they are doing something wrong, knowingly or unknowingly, then it would be better to think before they do that for their own good as well as the for the betterment of the society.

How many of you have heard about “female infanticide”?
Well…It is just a term which wraps up a lot of things that could end this world by scrapping off life from its surface. Female infanticide is the intentional killing of baby girls due to the preference for male babies for reasons best known to those who are a part of this horrendous act.

As per the 2001 census, there are 927 females for every 1000 males in India as against the world average of 1045 women per 1000 men. And the ratio is slowly getting worse and worser with every passing census. Wanting a male child is generally due to the belief by certain people that females are inherently less worthy (and hence not needed) cos they would anyways leave home and family on getting married. But what they don’t realize as of now is the fact that there won’t be enough females left for each male to settle down in life and keep the flame called “human race” burning. If this continues as it is, some day or the other life will be a perishable entity with just the Adams of the world left behind wondering what to do with their life. Nobody would be there to even offer an Apple. 😉

Given a chance, I would like to blame those educated fools who call themselves doctors and still endup mis-using their licenses to “help” people in knowing the sex of their baby prior to its arrival into this big bad world through sex-determination tests and sonography as well as later in sex-selective abortions!! 😦

Stopping people from doing this filthy act is not going to be easy, but isn’t impossible either. If we want to stop the world from falling apart due to non-existence of any life on it, then each one of us would have to contribute in our own smallest possible manner. Decide now, its not that late…as yet!!! 🙂


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